Hard Candy X Marilyn Monroe Best Friend Diamond Lash Topper

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Hard Candy X Marilyn Monroe Best Friend Diamond Lash Topper


Not for Me
I was really excited to try this formula. Who doesn’t like the idea of diamond shine eyelashes? I was a bit disappointed in this as it is too distracting for me personally, as a daily wear. I think it tends to take away from the rest of your face. I love the look of really dark mysterious long lashes and this just wasn’t my favorite look. My 14yr old daughter loves it as she uses it when she cheers for sports or when they do a spirit week at school. It’s really cute on her for that look! It’s fun, I will say that. The glitter tends to flake off a bit by the end of the day. It just depends on the what look you’re needing to pull off. It’s a No for me but a yes for her. Will I buy it again…. Ehhh we will see if she still likes it by the time she uses what we have.
My Go To!
This product is my all time favorite. It is light on on your lashes. It has a beautiful sparkle finish that makes your lashes absolutely gorgeous. In fact I would approve to have even more sparkles within this product. I literally shop for this specific item every couple of months
Very good product
Very good product and very good quality, it has worked very good for me

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