Maybelline Brow Fast Sculpt Gel Brow Mascara

3.8 5 0 37 37 Maybelline Brow Fast Sculpt Gel Brow Mascara is said to color, shape, and tame brows. This product features a mini sculpting brush to easily and precisely tame brows. It has a pigmented gel formula for instant color and all day hold. This product retails in a 0.09-fl. oz. pack in shades: 260 Deep Brown; Blonde; Clear; Medium Brown; Soft Brown; and Black Brown.
Maybelline Brow Fast Sculpt Gel Brow Mascara


Awesome product!
I've used expensive brands but still come back to this! Sometimes I use with a pencil for more definition but it gives plenty of color and shape by itself. The reviews that say it's too thick are misleading because when first opened it's a little wetter and thicker but just scrape a little excess off in the tube before applying and it's perfect.
Love this brow gel
I have very blonde, thin eyebrows with dark auburn hair so I like to darken my eyebrows as my regular makeup routine. This eyebrow gel works great. I have tried many different products and this is one of my favorites. I like the eyebrow brush that comes with it and the formula is not sticky or too hard and there is no weird white residue that some of these gels have. The shade medium brown matches my hair color perfectly and looks very natural on me. I would definitely recommend this product!
a bit thick
I had a hard time sticking to this product. It does go on well with the mascara wand, but it is a bit heavy feeling on my eyebrows. I prefer a cream and brush or a product in the form of a pencil. This almost laminated my brows, which was fine, but for my taste and comfort level it was too much.
This is a great brow mascara to keep your brows in place all day.
I made it work!
I have very fine, light colored eyebrows and this was almost too thick and intense but I was able to make it work for me.
Pretty heavy product
In a pinch it can be great if you need to grab a quick product available at drug stores but it feels very heavy and is hard to apply to get the desires look. If it had a smaller brush/comb it would be a lot easier. If your in a pinch for eyebrow filler, get it. If not wait until you can get a better product.
Stick to luxury brow brands or elf
I have dark brown eyebrows and these made me look like I was out of a claymation film. They messed up my whole makeup routine and I had to start over from scratch after I scrubbed it off of my eyebrows. Don't waste your time buying brow gels, colored for that matter, from the drugstore. At least not Maybelline. Sorry Maybelline, I like your other products.
great brow product
I use this product on my brows as well as flyaways and grays! It's easy to apply with the spoolie brush, and I don't have an issue with the product smudging or flaking after application.
My daughter likes this stuff
I bought the Maybelline Brow Fuller tube.. And my daughter loves the way it makes her eyebrows look she already has full looking brows anyway but I guess this stuff puts that extra Ummmpppp in it lol
Nice color
I’ve been using this for a couple weeks and I like the way the color looks. I’m not all together too certain about the applicator brush but overall, it has worked well for me. I do have thicker, darker brows. I still need to fill in some of my brows with powder but this provides pretty good coverage.
Good Brow Gel
I've tried loads of brow gels, and I honestly think this one is a good pick! Especially for the price. I have already thick brows, so I use this for definition and taming. For me, it stays on all day and keeps my brows in place. A tube lasts nearly 6 months of daily use, which is great. If you're looking for a product to make your brows appear fuller or you need to fill in sparse areas, this product won't yield the results you're looking for.
Only for Thick Eyebrows
I have pretty thin eyebrows and I had a phase where I wanted more color and for them to stay up, so of course I turned to this product with hope bubbling inside, and bam! It was the worst eyebrow phase ever. This product on thinner eyebrows makes them look blocky, straight, and don’t hold up the hair. Further, there was so much product on the actual stick that there was no way to avoid slathering it on. However, there is hope for you thick eyebrow girlies, it works for y’all. My sister has thicker eyebrows than me with much more volume and this product worked like a charm for her, barely noticeable, but the subtle change elevated her otherwise bare eyebrows. Would recommend for thick, not for thin (or transparent)
Good after you use it for awhile
When I first started using it, it was too much. Gloppy and ridiculous. I set it aside for a while, and don't know if it dried out a bit or there was less product in it, but now it is great. It applies just the right amount to my brows. Easy to use. Don't know if I will buy again due to the break-in period
Great product
This product is great especially for my lazy days when I don’t feel like fully doing my brows. I call this my little miracle worker
Good but not long lasting
I thought this product was overall pretty good but didn't have the longevity of some other brow products I've tried. I liked the applicator brush and color but found that it would wipe off easily without any sort of setting brow gel.

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