3 5 0 5 5 Maybelline Brow Fast Sculpt Gel Brow Mascara is said to color, shape, and tame brows. This product features a mini sculpting brush to easily and precisely tame brows. It has a pigmented gel formula for instant color and all day hold. This product retails in a 0.09-fl. oz. pack in shades: 260 Deep Brown; Blonde; Clear; Medium Brown; Soft Brown; and Black Brown.
Maybelline Brow Fast Sculpt Gel Brow Mascara
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Little Messy for Me
I am all about convenience and products that will help my morning routine be speedy. However, even though I was hopeful that this one would give my brows a good clean look quickly, I was disappointed and found it a little too messy for me.
its ok
Ive tried this one before i have a medium think eyebrow...having hard time to form my brow....this item is ok but sometimes it wont hold much longer so i need to re do it later on....
Want to love
I used their old formula with a round applicator and when I ran out this is all I found. While I like the natural look it gives my brows, it takes getting used to because the applicator holds a lot of product and starts to look “painted on” so you have to use a light hand applying and it takes longer than I’d like to finish my brows, especially because I like to do a five minute makeup routine. If they worked on these issues it would be a really great product.
It's okay
I got this as a gift from my mom when she went out to shop, but when I applied it on it felt sticky and my brow also felt glued on and they were hard. But I do like the look where you can make your brow look more natural, like when your too lazy to put on a full face. It's the stickiness that I'm not fond of.
It’s an alright product. I like the color and the overall stay power it has on my brows. I dislike how gooey it is. It could’ve had a better formula. But overall, I still use it when I’m doing my make up.

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