Jelly Belly Assorted Flavors Candy Canes

4.6 5 0 21 21 Enjoy top flavors from the world famous Jelly Belly jelly beans in these colorful candy canes. These gourmet canes will please the candy connoisseurs on your holiday gift list. Stocking stuffers, tree trimming or fun treats at holiday celebrations are great ways to share Jelly Belly candy canes. Thanks for trying our candy canes!
Jelly Belly Assorted Flavors Candy Canes


Jelly Belly Candy Canes.. Yummy
These candy canes are very delish. They have a creamy fruity taste. I really enjoyed them. You can actually eat these candy canes far beyond the holidays…
A holiday favorite!
These Jelly Belly candy canes are always a holiday favorite among my guests when I host at my house. The flavors are unique and tasty so I always come back to them during the holidays. I'd recommend them if you're looking for fun flavors on a classic holiday treat!
I love candy and especially jelly belly products! Y they are so good!
Haven’t had these in years, but I remember them being very flavorful and tasty.
Jelly belly
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Jelly Belly Candy Canes
These are so fun and a sweet treat! I tried putting them on the tree but the kids were eating them right off. Delicious flavor that is not tart.
Something different
I was looking for treats for the office over Christmas. This caught my eye. What's more Christmassy then candy canes - but these are unique. Everyone loved them! They're vibrate and tasty - my favorite is the Watermelon, but all were very good.
Jelly belly assorted flavors candy canes are very good and come in multiple flavors. I like to have a variety of candy canes on the Christmas tree and these will go nicely with all the others.
Our favorite for our christmas tree
We love these. We put candy canes on our tree every year. Jelly Belly candy canes are our go to for our christmas tree. We use them every year and my kids love them. I usually get them at the Dollar Tree
Skittles candy cane
Delicious SKITTLES FLAVORS IN EVERY BITE. Normally we get around Christmas time.
Taste like jelly beans
I was pleasantly surprised that these candy canes taste just like jelly beans. I have to say that the watermelon flavor was my favorite. They are full of flavor and I will purchase again in the future.
Even if you aren't a traditional candy cane fan I bet you would like these. I love jelly belly jelly beans and these taste just like them but are in a sucker type form so they last way longer.
Best Candy Canes ever
These Jelly Belly Candy Canes are indeed the best candy canes yet. I love the flavors of these. Jelly Belly have always been my favorite Jelly Bean, now to have them in a candy cane is just terrific. I love the lasting flavor.
If you like jelly beans youll like these
I am not a huge jelly bean liker but I tried these because I love candy canes but just as I thought, tasted just like jelly beans, just nit for me.
Just like the Jelly Bean itself
Never any left on the Christmas tree. Always purchase when they come to stores. Taste just like eating a handful of Jelly Belly beans.

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