Skittles Rainbow (5 Flavors in 1) Candy Canes

4.6 5 0 49 49 TASTE THE RAINBOW this holiday season with SKITTLES candy canes. Five flavors are packed into the rainbow stripes of each awesome SKITTLES candy cane. Strawberry, Lemon, Green Apple, Orange and Grape collide in this holiday classic. Thanks for trying our candy canes!
Skittles Rainbow (5 Flavors in 1) Candy Canes


Cute fun and kid friendly
My kids and I tried the Skittles candy canes and loved them. They have so much flavor packed in the candy cane. It would be cool to do a solid color of each flavor too!
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Tasty candy cane's
These candy cane's are so flavorful and tasty. 5 flavors in one cane. I love skittles and the flavors in these candy cane's are so good. No improvements needed.
sweet burst of flavor
They disappeared in less than a day! The kids love them, but they are a bit too sweet for mama.
Pretty Good
These are the candy canes I got for my kids last Christmas. We all love skittles and I thought these would be great. My kids love the flavor of Skittles candy canes. I think they are pretty good but my kids like them a lot more than I do.
Fun for Christmas
These never last in my tree. We love the red ones. I wished they would just make a pack of each color. That don’t really taste like starburst but they are still tasty. Last year these were a hit.
My new go to candy cane
If you're a Skittles fan you will absolutely love these. They have become my new all time go to candy cane for Christmas. My grandkids are so happy about my decision! Full flavor, crunchy and amazing.
Nice traditional candy cane alternative
These taste so yummy and are super flavorful. They are a really great alternative to the boring regular old plain candy cane.
Taste the rainbow
These Skittles candy cane taste just like Skittles!!!! They are the perfect candy can for the Christmas tree!!! 5 stars!!!
We get these every year!
Every year, we get these. We usually put them on our Christmas tree but one by one, they get picked off and eaten! They taste sooo good, just like Skittles. I have to buy a few boxes because one just isn't enough.
These candy canes taste just like Skittles but in candy cane form. It’s a great spin on candy canes for people who don’t like the actual taste of candy canes but like the look. I ate a whole pack by myself.
I loved this product
I recently tried the Skittles Rainbow (5 Flavors in 1) Candy Canes, and they exceeded all my expectations! These candy canes are an absolute delight, and I can't stop raving about them. Here's why I'm giving them a solid 5-star review: Flavor Explosion: The Skittles Rainbow Candy Canes truly deliver on their promise of five flavors in one. Each candy cane offers a burst of fruity goodness with every bite. It's like enjoying a miniature rainbow in your mouth, and the flavors are so authentic and vibrant. Unique Twist on a Classic: Candy canes are a holiday staple, and these Skittles candy canes put a unique twist on the traditional treat. They're perfect for adding a pop of color and excitement to any holiday celebration. Quality Ingredients: I appreciate that Skittles uses high-quality ingredients to craft these candy canes. The flavors are authentic and not overly artificial, which sets them apart from other candy canes on the market. Fun for All Ages
I absolutely love this candy I use them to hang on my Christmas tree and my husband and kids always eat them right off!!!
I have gotten these for my kids and myself. I was a great experience for us to try something new from the usual peppermint that was the original. This is something I would buy again.
I am constantly waiting for Christmas for these. Very hard to find in my area. They’re so yummy.
Taste the rainbow
With these Skittles candy canes you can literally taste the rainbow, of flavors. They have five different flavors in each candy cane, it will have you enjoying every bit of it.

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