4,8 5 0 52 52 Based on the Shampoo for Women survey conducted in March 2019 where 2487 Home Tester Club members responded, TRESemmé was ranked their number one brand in South Africa for <strong>Leaves Hair Shiny</strong>, <strong>Damaged Hair</strong>, and <strong>Leaves Hair Soft</strong>.<br> <br>At TRESemmé, hair experts understand all types of hair and have used their expertise to develop bespoke products to cater for all women''''''''s hair needs. The expertly crafted formulas include the Botanique range with a rich botanical blend of divine coconut milk and aloe vera, the Keratin Smooth shampoo & conditioner with Marula Oil, and the Platinum Strength shampoo & conditioner designed to repair and strengthen hair.
TRESemmé Expert Selection Range
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Out of this world
The shampoo and conditioner is the best have tried so many others.
Best hair products ever.
TRESemmé hair products are an absolute gem. Before starting to use them I had VERY dry, straw-like, frizzy and unmanageable hair. Since I have been using TRESemmé my hair is managable, the amount of frizz is a fraction of what it used to be. My hair is very soft for curly hair. The straw-like texture is gone. I swear by this brand. I will never use anything else. TRESemmé 100% all the way, especially for curly hair.
It is an awesome product. Leaves hair feeling clean, light and smells divine.
For the love of hair
My hair was so damaged and I used this shampoo for a while and saw improvements in a short while I love the smell and enjoy the benefits from using this shampoo
Tresame shampoo
I love it I never had any problems with it ni dryness itchyness it really make my hear feel smooth and soft helps with broken hear and splitting points
I love the product it leaves my hair so soft, shiny and manageable.
Epert Treseme
this has been the best hair product that i have used it really does magic to my hair the texture the smell everything about is just perfect i have tried all of them and get the same great results everytime
Expert Range
Tresemme is my go to hair care product. I've tried all the shampoos and conditioners from the expert range and they are amazing. They leave my hair feeling silky smooth and smelling great
I absolutely love this product. It leaves my hair soft, manageable and full of life, and it smells amazing.
It leaves my hair soft, silky & smooth. I love it and is currently using it
Tresemme forever
I have always used Tresemme for mine and my daughter's hair. I love the scent and how it makes my hair soft. The keratin expert is truly amazing. Our hair is shiny and soft. Thank you Tresemme
Tresseme is thr best shampoo and conditioner i use the botanic fir my daughter and i use the keratin awesome makes our our nice and soft oh and not to forget shiny.
Great value for money
I really like the way this shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair smelling and feeling. I also like the larger sizes that are available. The only thing I can think of to improve the service offering is to change the bottle to have a squeeze dispenser to make it easier to handle in the shower
Hair revival
I have been lucky to use all these three ranges , the expert botanque is great for natural hair and straight hair , used it to help with my course and dry hair and scalp I was thoroughly impressed , the Karatin smooth range is great for damaged hair revival together with its mask for . My curls got a great detangled look , way smoother. The smooth shine oil is bonus . The platinum strength conditioner and shampoo is a great combination . A whole salon look is guaranteed . Treatment has the best shampoo and conditioner ranger , the smell, the thickness and moisture in the products is great . Anyone with wigs shouldn’t think twice before getting these
I Use the Boutanique and i enjoy the way my hair feels after a wash , i normally leave the conditioner on for a bit longer with cling wrap over cos i have a dry strand, and doing that helps me perfectly!

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