Wall's Asian Delight

4.6 5 0 99 99 Rangkaian produk Asian Delight kini tampil dengan varian baharu bersama isi kelapa laut asli, kentang manis dan pulut kelapa manis yang boleh dinikmati dalam setiap gigitan untuk kenikmatan yang lazat berkrim.
Wall's Asian Delight


Taste of asian
This ice cream is a bit different because it has Asian fruit flavours,not many ice cream has coconut and durian flavour so it's good. I already tried a few of those flavour and as people who live in malaysia I think it match Malaysia people taste.
Ice Cream yummmyyyy
Black sticky was the best ever ! My family really love it ☺️ We always buy it every weekend 😋
sangat sedap.. anak-anak saya pun suka.. setiap kali keluar mesti singgah beli..
Just Okay
The packaging and visuals made me buy these products. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a revamp of our local favourites. Taste wise, it should be improved because there are better options out there for lesser price. Love the bits and pieces of fruits and “pulut” that you get with every bite but I’d personally prefer it to be more creamier / syrupy. Overpriced for an average product and worth trying once.
Delicious ice cream
All the flavor is well known for us who stay in Malaysia or asia. Any asian will know all this flavor, with one taste. It bits expensive for durian flavor but still the taste match the price. Boba is not my favorite but still I finished it anyway🤭
The packaging and the advertising made me buy this lol and it looks cute and yummy. So, i tried it and it tastes average and very mild. Not like what i expected it to taste like.
Authentic Asian taste. Loved the coconut flavour. Purchased at Petronas Mesra. But the price is alittle expensive. If it's cheap (RM1 - RM2), definitely it'll be mybregukar choice.
Good and natural taste
Love it. Natural taste. Recommended ...........................good
Anak sgt suka
Pertama kali merasainya anak2 terus menyukainya.Rasanya yg enak dan lembut membuatkan anak jatuh hati dan terus membelinya lagi. Pasti aiskrim ini menjadi salah satu kegemaran anak-anak saya.
Very asian
It tastes like homey . Highly recommended ! Everyone should give it a try
Lovely flavour but melt easily
This item have creamy taste that I like but it melt and break easily
I love it. Rich in flavour
I love the coconut black sticky rice. I feel it's rich in flavour like having my bowl of dessert frozen.
It's full with flavoring. Yummy ! Feeling so refreshing while eat it
Rasa real!
Sedap! Rasa makan real yang banyak padahal sikit je dalam aiskrim. Tapi memang sedap!
Relive your childhood memories
This is upgraded version of our family favourite potong. Flavours are nice, I enjoy yam and red bean. Durian taste nice too. Must have in every household.

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