Cetraben Lotion

4.7 5 0 376 376 Cetraben Moisturising Lotion hydrates and protects to relieve dry, itchy and eczema-prone skin. The lightweight, quick drying formulation is ideal for frequent daily use on the face and body.
Cetraben Lotion


Leaves my skin hydrated, nourished and supple with multiple skin complaints. I have not reacted to this. I use it on all the family and the bottles last for ages. Recommend this one
Great super gentle moisturiser
I was given this cream to use when I broke out in a full body rash which lasted and faded over approx. 10 months. This was due to pityriasis rosea and then the following year guttate psoriasis (fun times...not!) after using antibiotics. It was super gentle and didn't irritate my skin further whatsoever and also helped with the itching a little which was a godsend. I didn't pay for this so I couldn't tell you if it is good value for money but it is fantastic in moisturising the skin. Also lasts ages as the bottle is huge.
No frills hydration
Excellent stuff for slathering on my legs before bed. Prevents dry, scaly and itchy skin. It’s completely unscented and feels very clinical but it does the trick much better than any of the branded body creams I’ve used.
Cetraben lotion is a fantastic product!
Cetraben lotion is a fantastic product! It's super gentle on the skin and very moisturizing. It absorbs quickly without feeling greasy, which is perfect for daily use. The packaging is convenient, and the lotion itself is very effective in keeping your skin hydrated. Overall, a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable moisturizer.
Miracle cream
For anyone with skin allergies this is a must! I suffered for a long time with my skin and forever having hives and scratching till I bled but once I found this cream it was a game changer and saved me from future scars
Good to use on your skin .makes it smooth.
Very good
I ues this on my son who suffers with very bad skin and this cream really helps him makes his skin soft and helps it not go sore
Really good
I brought this for myself and my son. I suffer from dry skin on my legs, my son suffers from psoriasis on his face. And this helps ease the redness on his face and helps keep the moisture in, so stood his face from drying and his skin from cracking.
Cetraben lotion
This is an excellent lotion. My husband uses it 9n a daily basis as he has dry red legs. It moisturises well leaving skin hidrated
Gentle for sensitive skin
Cetraben Lotion is a reliable and effective moisturizer designed for dry and sensitive skin. Its gentle, fragrance-free formula provides long-lasting hydration without irritation, making it suitable for daily use on all skin types, including eczema-prone skin. The lotion absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth without a greasy residue. It's also versatile enough for use on both the face and body. Overall, Cetraben Lotion is a great choice for anyone seeking a soothing and hydrating lotion to manage dry skin conditions.
cured my eczema
I love this cream it calms down very irritated eczema and mine actually went away mostly when using this cream, very nourishing and reliefs pain and discomfort, it’s very good for children and safe as well for sensitive skin really recommend.
Excellent for skin
Cetraben is acream that used to be on prescription only and is now available to buy in many different forms and sizes. It is a multi tasker. It moisturises and softens skin. It is also good for use on many skin disorders.
Great for dry skin
This moisturiser is very effective, helps dry skin and conditions like eczema, absorbs pretty quick and has non greasy texture. Large bottle lasts a long time
Great for my sons skin
My son has really bad eczema and this stuff has been a game changer! I pop it in the fridge and helps to soothe the eczema itch instantly aswell as moisturise his skin.
Smooth skin
Leaves your skin leaving smooth and fresh And feel really good and non-sticker

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