Pond’s Institute Essential Care Hydronourishing Cream 50 ml

4.6 5 0 56 56 Moisture is essential for the skin, but it also needs nourishment. Pond’s Institute has developed a lightweight cream specifically formulated to hydrate and nourish your skin at the same time, to leave it feeling wonderfully soft, smooth and renewed. Sui--for normal to dry skin, alone or with make-up.
Pond’s Institute Essential Care Hydronourishing Cream 50 ml


Soft! Soft! & Soft!
Soft and light texture, Ponds has always been a reference for sensitive skin and this cream is no exception. It is also very easy to apply on the face and absorbs easily into your skin.
Smells lovely
A fabulous face cream. It smells lovely. I like the consistency as it absorbs quickly without leaving my skin sticky. After a week my skin feels softer and looks more radiant.
This product leaves a very greasy residue on the skin, not a hydrating feeling, more grease like. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the scent of the product.
Absolutely amazing cream. Sensitive and nice smell . Hydrate my skin really well. Highly recommended. I'm really satisfied
A simple classic
This is the ultimate all-time classic face cream. I find it so easy to apply and blends into my skin well without being greasy. Great for morning and evening.
The product itself seems really nice. My skin has been through a lot recently due to trying new products, stress, and hormones, and this product does seem to help with calming all that chaos. I'd absolutely recommend this product to people looking for a calming, gentle cream.
Absorbs well into my skin,leaves it smooth and hydrated. Love it. Smells delicious
This is an all time classic face cream. its easy to apply blends in well. not greasy at all i found it gentle on my skin and feels nice to the touch lasts all day can be used day and night
Love it
Leaves your silk soft all day and has a pleasant smell
Good moisturizer
My favorite moisturizer so far. I tried a tub last year and think it might have broken me out just a little but then my skin adapted quickly and really liked it. I ended up replacing it for a Cetaphil moisturizer though, because Dr Dray says to avoid fragrance and recommended Cetaphil and Cerave. The Cetaphil ended up drying me out badly, and so then I ran to unrefined shea butter with good results, but still had some dryness on my cheeks and forehead, and so then I finally went back to ponds dry cream. Shea butter works well for me, but so far ponds is my favorite. Ponds helped my dryness, is not too heavy, not tacky like Vaseline and Shea, does not break me out,, and the scent is lovely. The scent smells feminine with powder and floral notes. I am also hoping this will truly prevent aging, as I have heard many good things about that. So, I recommend, think the price is right, and am glad its easy to find. Hope Ponds stays original.
Lovely skincare
This is really nice on your skin and really nourishes those problem places where dry skin appears. I get dry skin regularly on my elbows and it helps moisturise it well. It's easy to apply, cheaper than most good brands and a real game changer on the skin care ranges
Great Formula
Loving the formula of this product and it leaves my skin silky smooth and moisturised.
Not for me
After all the hype about this product , I decided to try for myself. After only few uses my pores clogged up unfortunately. It is a pass for me
Family tradition
I absolutely adore Ponds cream. My grandma was a regular user, as well as my mum. The smell is lovely and reminds me of family and it leaves my skin feeling lush! I would recommend this, definitely!
Very good
This left my skin very soft. Was surprised as it's kinda a dry feeling moisturiser when applying . Most importantly tho it worked well with my make up.

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