Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray

4.8 5 0 213 213 <ul><li>Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray provides pure, natural relief for sensitive skin.</li> <li>Provides essential soothing care daily.</li> <li>Preserved in its pure state from the spring to the skin, Avène Thermal Spring Water soothes and enhances all skin types, even the most sensitive.</li></ul>
Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray


Holiday must-have
So refreshing and soothing, perfect for cooling down on the beach. Love that it can be applied on the make up without ruining it. Slightly pricey but I usually buy only travel size to take with me on holiday.
I do like this
I do like this spray it refreshing and calm and leaves my skin feeling so lovely and soft and hydrated too definitely a this product
I like this product. It is easy to use and leaves my skin fresh. It is not drying
Lovely and refreshing
This product is very refreshing. I was pretty dubious prior to trying this out however the mist is dispersed evenly over the skin and applies very lightly. I especially enjoy using this product on a warmer day or post workout.
So light and refreshing
Made my skin feel cool and moist Lasted ages and the bottle size great to carry in bag
A great product which provides more hydration
I like to use this thermal water combined with a hyaluronic acid serum and a good moisturizer. Works wonders if you use it together with a skincare product which has snail mucin in it. Overall, when combined with other products, leaves the skin plump and hydrated as well as soothes any irritation and redness.
This is one of my must have ptroducts especially for sensitive rosacea skin during the heatwave. The feeling after using it is so refreshing. I also like the design. Very comfortable and easy to use, no leaking,etc.
I found this product to be very refreshing and soothing, it is easy to apply and delivers a lovely fine spray, my skin feels great.
So refreshing
I feel really indulgent when I use this product. I am sure it is overpriced fancy water, however it feels so good and my skin seems to love it. It is 30 deg today and I have been spraying it all day long as I work at my hot desk. Lovely product that would get five stars if it wasn’t so expensive
The original Thermal Water
My worst kept secret! I've been using this for years and always have a bottle on hand - I use it as my setting spray for makeup, at the beach if I need a quick refresh, on burns or on any wounds, particularly if skin come off or blood (after having used antiseptic cream first). Honestly, could not possibly recommend it more. I've spoken about it so much that everyone in my family keeps bottle on hand :)
Nice and refreshing
Love it for hot summer days but even just for extra refreshment at evening out with friends. I love it that Avene is also making it in small travel size so you can take it with you everywhere. No scent and very suitable for people with very gentle and sensitive skin.
You feel fresh
Produces a much finer spray than other brands’ bottles, so great for skincare/cooling you down in summer. Cools the skin down you feel fresh after the spray and you feel better. The 300ml least for a month so. Will buy it again.
Very hydrating
Avene has a reputation for making products that work well on sensitive skin and based on my experience this is a well-deserved reputation. However, I was initially skeptical about this and thought it was just plain old water. I tried it during the middle of the day in order to add a little more hydration to my face. It worked extremely well. I didn't break out, it didn't irritate my skin and unlike water (especially hard water) there wasn't that tight dry feeling you get once the water has evaporated. My only concern is the cost, especially if you already have a good moisturising/hydrating face routine. I think it is something I would take with me on holiday as it would mean I don't have to pack all my other face serums etc. I don't think I would use it as an everyday thing either as a replacement or in addition to what I have as it is not cost-effective.
This is a must have! It feels so refreshing and hydrating on a skin
too expensive for the actual product
This product is refreshing, but the price is difficult to justify. It is one ingredient - water! That’s it! Absolutely doesn’t “soften” skin, maybe hydrates a bit at its best. I thought there were other ingredients, but no... Also, the spray is too wide and goes everywhere when sprayed.

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