Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray

4.7 5 0 282 282 <ul><li>Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray provides pure, natural relief for sensitive skin.</li> <li>Provides essential soothing care daily.</li> <li>Preserved in its pure state from the spring to the skin, Avène Thermal Spring Water soothes and enhances all skin types, even the most sensitive.</li></ul>
Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray


Refresh and relief from itchy
Very nice when spraying on sensitive itchy skin. Also great feeling when use on hot and humid weather. Imagine your face is greasy and sweaty, spray the cool and fresh spring water on. That’s fantastic.
Refreshing spray
I've used this in hot and humid climates and it's a great way to refresh and cool down. It also feels very gentle on my sensitive skin. I usually have a can of this spray in my bag during the summer and strongly recommend it to everyone.
Love this
I absolutely love this product. It's perfect in summer. My skin looks healthy after using this product.
Super refreshing spray, I use this before my makeup to wake my face up a little.
Great for sensitive skin
Is a great product and sometimes I use it instead of a toner or to set make up, it's great for sensitive skin. What I love most about this product is the multipuropse
This is so moisturising and refreshing, especially on hot days or when your skin is more dry. However, it's expensive for what it is, and there's lots of other products like it to try instead.
My favourite
This product is my favourite for on the go it means I can top up on moisture later on
Expensive but refreshing
Having used this before, it does give you a refreshing soothing feeling. However its very expensive for what is essentially a can of water.
Soothing and refreshing
I have recently started having eczema-type flare-ups around my eyes, and have no idea what is triggering it. When I have a flare up, this is what I reach for, as it is the only thing I can bare to put on it. It is really refreshing and soothing. I wouldn't be without it now
nice one
This is a good one. This mist makes me feel relaxed & hydrated.
Good product
I use it most of time at home or out when if my skin feels dry. It is very hydrating, refreshing and gentle on the skin.
Not sure if it does anything?
I tried this product as part of a kit by this brand as it was recommended to me when I had extremely bad skin on my face due to stress. I really wanted to love this product as it’s quite pricey, unfortunately though it didn’t seem to do much for my skin. It didn’t feel soothed BUT it didn’t feel worse so that’s good. Perhaps my skin was just TOO bad at the time to feel much benefit but to be honest I wouldn’t want to pay out for it again knowing it might not do anything for me
I started to use this product at a very young age isnce I have acne prone skin. I totally recommend this one, it hydrates and leaves a fresh sensation on the skin, it's good to have it in your backpack/bag all the time.
Hydrating mist
I love Avene products and this is one of my skincare staples. I use it both as a mist during my skincare routine before serum application, and whilst I am out and about if my skin feels dry. It is very hydrating, refreshing and gentle on the skin.
Very hydrating and soothing
I use this in the summer months when I shave or use hair removal cream, because the heat tends to bring me out in heat rash, and gives me very irritated skin when I have shaved the day before. I spray this over my legs and it gives a very nice and needed cooling affect.

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