ClarinsMen Super Moisture Gel

4.9 5 0 14 14 Extreme hydration and that fresh feeling.
ClarinsMen Super Moisture Gel


ClarinsMen Super Moisture Gel
I started using this a couple months ago because my neck after shaving started to remind me of a buzzards neck(red & wrinkly). Blame it on age, pollutants, stress, whatever it was my new reality. My smart friend suggested this product & even though it's a costly purchase I like it alot & have noticed a great improvement of my neck skin. It Calms and tones my skin after shaving because the LAPSANA COMMUNIS FLOWER IS CALMING TO SENSITIVE SKIN. So Men I recommend!
Perfect for men styling
This gel works great on styling both my young son and adult sons hair, even though they have two different types of hair texture. With this gel that did not matter. It styled both of their hair worh ease and it lasted all day long. Its definitely at the top of ky list for hair styli ngf rpoducts on men.
I just tried this lotion to jerk off with, because my chick used all the lube. It was very very slippery. Thank GOD she bought it for my Hard skin problem or i would have never known. I endorse this product.
Deja la piel súper suave
Me encanta este gel ya que nada más probarlo en la ducha todas que te hidrata un montón. ESTOY ENCANTADA
Bueno pero casi no lo uso me encantaría probarlo de nuevo
Best product by far
I have introduced this item to my friends and family and this is the best by far product I've ever tried
Clarins products are the best. This is just another in a long line of outstanding products for you skin.

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