CETAPHIL for Rough and Bumpy Skin

4.8 5 0 105 105 CETAPHIL DAILY SMOOTHING MOISTURIZER FOR ROUGH AND BUMPY SKIN: Dermatologist developed, daily use formula designed to smooth, soothe and reduce appearance of redness or discoloration in rough and bumpy, sensitive skin
CETAPHIL for Rough and Bumpy Skin


Damaged Skin
I work in a factory and I come into contact with chemicals daily that make my hands, arms, and the skin on my elbows constantly peel and my skin has become quite damage I thought to the point it was beyond the point of repair. Than I found Cetaphil and after just a couple days of using it regularly after I shower my skin began to repair itself and is now is as soft and healthy as a new born babies skin! I recommend this product to anyone battling with skin health. It certainly did wonders for myself.
CETAPHIL for Rough and Bumpy Skin
cetaphil help my rough and bumpy skin iy make my skin nice and soft love it
Smooth skin?...YES PLEASE
Tried this product due to really rough and dry skin that I had all my life. Within no time my skin was appearing smoother something that I have never seen from any product this is a definitely must try!
Great lotion
This is a great lotion for rough feet and hands. I used it for a week on my feet and it helped with my summer dried up feet. My husband used it on his rough hands and it has help him as well.
Goodbye alligator skin
We have really hard water, this is the only one that relieves really dry skin for me
Smooth as silk
This is absolutely the best lotion on the market. I have tried all the expensive brands but this one tops my list!! My skin stayed really dry before I used this due to me taking hot showers. I used it 1 time and my skin was smooth and started healing from the first application. Very best.
A must have
My daughter has eczema, and I have very sensitive skin. And this lotion works wonders, without any redness or irritation. Our dermatologists also told us to use this.
Love the Brand and Product
I have used Cetaphil since I was a child and there is a reason why I keep with this brand, as it works! The new Rough & Bumpy offering, while having sort of a bizarre name, really does deliver. My skin is hydrated and more often even toned in appearance.
Wonderful Lotion!
I’ve always really liked the Brand, Cetaphil! This lotion is super hydrating and is wonderful for dry flaky skin… In my keys! I use this on my problem spots (which were dry and flaky on my arms and legs) call the product absorbed quickly and did not leave any sticky feeling… Within three days my patches were gone! Love the ingredient list and will definitely be keeping this around for the entire family!
Helps with bumps and rough skin for real!
I tried this for myself and my nephew that gets "cheese bumps" or so my family calls it since he's a little overweight and consumes way too much dairy; his mama has this condition a little bit too but his is all the way on his shoulders, arms, neck, and face a bit. As I use this when I'm out of the shower daily, I started getting him to try some (obviously at first he didn't want to) but we all noticed in only 1 overnight application his 'cheese bumps' were much smoother, less red, and just better overall. It's hard to get to use it on him every day (we used it on him at night, did some spot testing while he was asleep) so we're trying to convince him this stuff is working and will get rid of it! As far as my skin, it helps tremendously with my rough spots, sun exposure areas that are getting bumpy, and even all the bug bites (the bugs use me as a buffet especially when visiting my family in South GA) - so this is a win for us all!
Saved my skin
I have super dry skin and trouble controlling it until I found this. Moisturized well and does not irritate my sensitive skin.
Works great!
Love how well this lotion works for dry skin. Puts so much moisture in dry areas. I use it right after my shower so it soaks in and makes my skin feel absolutely wonderful. Not greasy works great!
Don’t like it
I bought this very recently and I don’t like it. It’s not for sensitive skin and my legs felt dry again after 30 minutes of using this.
Can never go wrong
Cetaphil will always have great products no matter what they come out with. This product continues to produce. It works great and smoothed my skin. A must try.
Great product!
This brand is amazing! This has helped me alot with my dry and bumpy skin. I have eczema and really sensitive skin. Best lotion i’ve ever used.

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