CETAPHIL for Rough and Bumpy Skin

4.8 5 0 297 297 CETAPHIL DAILY SMOOTHING MOISTURIZER FOR ROUGH AND BUMPY SKIN: Dermatologist developed, daily use formula designed to smooth, soothe and reduce appearance of redness or discoloration in rough and bumpy, sensitive skin
CETAPHIL for Rough and Bumpy Skin


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My 2 daughter's used two bottles of this bumpy skin lotion and it did nothing for them. I was recommended this product for my girls KP leg, we did not see not even the slightest effect.
Extremely moisturizing
I absolutely love this product. My 9 year old daughter was having issues with itchy and cracked palms from using the soap at school and this moisturizing cream was amazing for the bumps
Does the trick
This brand is gentle enough to use on my toddler who has bumps along her arms and helps soften them without being rough
Great for Eczema Prone Skin
I have mild eczema that pops up out of no where at any given time, and I started using this lotion about six months ago. It really helps soothe the flareups and lessen the length of flareups.
Bumpy rough skin yuck
If you have the unfortunate dealings of dry rough gross looking elbows that just look dirty and u want it to go away ASAP.. CETAPHIL is the lotion to use. It doesn't feel greasy in your skin and it's a miracle worker on those elbows. Recommend
CETAPHIL for Rough and Bumpy Skin is a sensitive skins life saver! It helps calm the irritation while also working at the same time to get rid of it! I recommend this to anyone remotely interested!
This lotion was very helpful. It really felt great and helped with my skin softness.
This is a very gentle product that I use after I use their cleanser. Sometimes my skin gets a bit sensitive and needs some extra tender love and care - that's when I rely on the Cetaphil line.
Excellent for KP
This is great for people who suffer from KP. It offers deep hydration while helping minimize the bumpy skin. It doesn’t remove KP but it definitely helps minimize the texture and dryness.
This delivers the maximum hydration for even the roughest skin. Eliminates bumps and itchy patches.
Smooth Operator.
Love that there is finally an all over SA moisturizer and, I love that Cetaphil did it. Many AHA/BHA body creams I have tried in the past were too intense. Cetaphil Rough and Bumpy is gentle in the skin and leaves your skin feeling so smooth after just a week.
I have horribly dry skin on my heels also on my face that gets a bit scaley at times. This helps without aggravating my skin tone.
My husband and son have bumpy arms. I bought this to help. It was greasy and did not do anything for the bumps. Would not buy again.
Vastly superior to Amlactin
I've tried every lotion on the market for my keratosis pilaris on the backs of my arms, from high end Sephora products to low end drugstore items. Cetaphil products are reliably good and provide better bang for your buck than fancier lotions from the beauty store, and this lotion specifically is one that I have repurchased several times. It is vastly superior to the similar Amlactin lotion (which uses lactic acid to slough off skin) because Amlactin smells terrible and feels heavy and greasy. Cetaphil is much more elegant and does not leave my skin feeling smothered. I also use an exfoliating mitt in the shower and the combination of the lotion (daily) with the mitt (several times per week) has visibly reduced the bumps on my arms.
Exfoliant moisturizer
Exfoliant yet highly moisturizing, if used daily really improvise the signs of kp. I love this brand

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