CETAPHIL for Rough and Bumpy Skin

4.8 5 0 257 257 CETAPHIL DAILY SMOOTHING MOISTURIZER FOR ROUGH AND BUMPY SKIN: Dermatologist developed, daily use formula designed to smooth, soothe and reduce appearance of redness or discoloration in rough and bumpy, sensitive skin
CETAPHIL for Rough and Bumpy Skin


Cetaphil Rough Bumpy Skin
Not greasy very absorbed refreshes and hydrates dry skin. I used this product for 3 days and saw such a difference in my skin, I new use it all the time. I would recommend this product to anyone that battles dry skin
Helps with bumps on the backs of my kid's arms
I use this every night to put on the back of my kid's arms. I have noticed an improvement in the bumps getting smaller and not as noticeable. I would recommend it.
Very Good Product
I and my husband tried Cetaphil last month to treat the dry skin caused due to excess loss of skin hydration especially de to cold. After using this product for three consecutive nights my skin looked so fresh and soft. I would highly recommend this product.
Great on Psoriasis
Very smooth & not oily like some products. Great for Psoriasis b/c it is not clumpy or gooey like other products can be. I didnt really like the smell that much. However, I would still recommend this for anyone with skin irritations.
My hands are some of the worst you'll ever see...
The Cetaphil honestly imo is not the way to go if you deal with constant dehydration due to medical issues, the cold dry weather... The best option I found for myself is Cerave. I at least can maneuver my hands without them cracking open. With the cost being the way it is... it's just not worth it.
As a lotion it does the job ..a bit thick for my liking..did nothing for bumps..
"Ordinary" Lotion
My experience using CETAPHIL for Rough and Bumpy Skin had its highs & lows.Some of the Highs were, no smell which I appreciated, its very MOISTURIZING, wether you are applying it to your hands, feet or body it instantly soaks in..IMMEDIATELY.. leaving no residue behind! 😁The LOW is I saw NO changes in the small bumps on my arms at all. So basically to me this is just A GREAT "ORDINARY" LOTION!🙄
Great product
Cetaphil is one of the great lotions I buy here and there. I'm currently using another but I can't stick to just one brand I like to mix it up with all the great choices out there but this is one of my favorites and I would highly recommend it!
My skins gets so dry and bumpy. The formula is soothing and moisturizing!
In our household we have three people who have Eczema, we tried tons of stuff for it, even prescription medicines, nothing worked! I tried this, since I love my other Cetaphil products and I loved this one just as much!
Cetaphil - Always Great!
I've liked almost everything I've tried. This is no exception. It has no extraneous features. But it does the job, and it does it well. In just a few usages, this decreased the little lumps on the backs of my arms. It completely eradicated them in 30 days. There's no bother, no fuss. It's also great for sensitive skin because it's fragrance-free.
My skin feels healthy!!
This Cetaphil really cleans my face and makes it feel softer and I look way healthier and younger when I use this product daily. My bumps and acne seem to clear up every time I use it!!
Loved this product. It has made my tough hands into smooth pnes
Great stuff
I've used Cetaphil for several years now as I'm getting older and require more serious skin hydration than ever, . It's extremely moisturizing and without fragrance. My skin started to smooth out after first use and was completely smooth and bemish-free after a few more uses.It absorbs quickly but you can still feel it on your skin for about half an hour, not necessarily sticky. But it soaks in quickly, this has little to no scent. I highly recommend this product especially for sensitive skin which I have.
Impulse Buy
I purchased because a family member told me about it. I was really surprised how well it worked, especially on a cold, cold day. I put it on my elbows, arms, legs and toes. I like it a lot and would reccomend. I am a first time user of the product. I will buy again.

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