SKINFIX Barrier+ Nutrient Water Misting Tonic

4.7 5 0 26 26 A superfine, nutrient-rich misting tonic with coconut, cucumber, and rose waters hydrate, prep, and refresh skin.
SKINFIX Barrier+ Nutrient Water Misting Tonic


Excellent refreshing misting tonic
I needed something to combat this Winter dry skin, no matter how much I moisturized I still felt dried out mid-day. The Skinfix barrier misting spray is loaded with Coconut water, Cucumber, Rose essential water, red seaweed, nutrients to refresh, rehydrate skin all day. I just spray about 6 inches from my face and the super fine mist delivers enough for a quick refresh, and a dewy glow. Really hard to find, but worth it.
Love this
I love how well this works. I feel like skinfix products always work. I’ve tried multiple products of theirs and each time I’m blown away. They always do what it says it does and then some! Totally recommend trying it out.
Smooth and soft!
I love the products of Skinfix brand. This tonic is moisturized and not greasy. Great product for dry skin. It worked very well and was very smooth on my skin. I highly recommend it for dry skin. Life saver!
Awesome skin spray.
I received this product via BoxyCharm. It was love at first use. I love all their products. The mist is an actual mist, not a blast of product to your face. I especially loved this in the summer after being outside in the sun. It’s refreshing and moisturizing.
SKINFIX Barrier+ Nutrient Water Misting Tonic
This superfine, nutrient-rich misting tonic has coconut, cucumber, and rose waters that hydrates, preps, and refreshes my skin feeling great and it can be use with the skin types of Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily
Great stuff
I use this before applying my skin care regimen. Locks in all the goodness and feels so nice on the skin. Love it
Just ok
I like skinfix productsin general but this one didn't impress me. The ingredients are simple and nothing noteworthy. It doesn't dry well and leaves a sticky residue that doesn't dissipate.
I really like this product for using after I shave my legs, I get very irritated and sometimes very itchy and this soothes my skin. I will use it on my face as well when I'm irritated. I definitely recommend it and I find that it can be very useful especially on hot days where my skin tends to get itchy and irritated.
Works well.
This works very nicely. I was quite surprised for i never had heard of this before i had bought it. It goes on nice and evenly. I definitely would recommend anyone to have this spray.
Skin saver
This mist is weightless, hydrating, and keeps make up on all day in any kind of weather. Your make up won’t melt off in the heat, and it won’t cake on in the winter. No cakes makeup, no flakey face. Just glowy goodness.
I really love this hydrating mist it’s put an extra bounce in my skin. I really love using it on my hands face and body I recommend it to anybody looking for extra moisturizer that’s Misty.
Amazing Mist
This is a refreshing and hydrating mist with coconut and cucumber. It made my skin feel very refreshed
Love 💗
Love misting my face when I wake up to reduce redness and anxiety in my skin. I also put this mist in my mini cosmetic love it go buy some
Works on all skin types
My hands get dry during the colder months so this product has been a life saver for them. They feel so soft. Also no oily residue
Amazing hand cream
My hands are dry especially near the nails. This cream is easy to spread and feels so good when applied. Highly recommend.

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