4.4 5 0 22 22 Love Beauty and Planet's unique coconut milk and white jasmine sea salt spray is a texturizing hair spray that keeps your locks fresh and fragrant. Just spray on damp hair from the roots to the ends, air dry, blow dry, or diffuse and beachy wavy hairstyle.
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The nozzle sprayed very wide, it got all over my bathroom. Sticky product, not good for mt straight fine hair. Smelled very good
I really like this brand and the product. The smell of coconut is so amazing and it lasted all day. This spray does its job for my hair. I would highly recommend it to all of you.
This beach hair product is dreamy
Leaves your hair scruchable so you can do the beach wave with you fingers or 👁 do them with handle of my brush. My favorite part of product is the scent! It is amazing!!!
cents so great
Love Beauty and Planet's coconut milk and white jasmine ocean salt splash do precisely what it's intended to do. I can have shoreline waves in my hair each and every day. Everybody thinks I live on the shoreline!! The smell is mind-boggling. I will keep on buying this item without a doubt. I let individuals in on my little mystery on various occasions every day because of the astounding impact it has on my hair. Much obliged to you!!
Good smell
The smell is amazing but not that great for the price. I purchased at Wal-Mart and it was still pretty expensive. Smells just like a cheaper brand i purchase does a good job though
I smells great but its just like any other i have used in the past.
Smells great
I love this stuff!! It smells great and it lasts more then 10 min. The smell lingers for hours. It gives grest texture to my hair. I love it
Frizz Free
I have waivy,course and frizzy hair.And after the 1st use of fantastic hair product ,my hair free of frizz and healthy as ever.
Amazing product
First of all, the smell of this product is amazing! It leaves my hair feeling refreshed and smelling clean all day. I would highly recommend this, it gives my hair loose beach waves while also taking my frizz away.
My #1 favorite hair product
I discovered this little gem at my local Tjmaxx store for about $5 and it is hands down the BEST $5 I have ever spent. I love the way it smells and how it leaves my hair looking and feeling. This is the only product I put in my toddlers hair for styling and it stays feeling soft and looking shiny. We always get compliments on how good our hair smells and I always recommend it to everyone because because it’s organic. It really doesn’t get any better than that. I’ve had it for about 8 months and the bottle is half full, and we use it daily. I spray 2-4 pumps in my hand and rub it in my hair while it’s damp and it does a great job preventing frizz.
This smells amazing and works so well! it really gives your hair that beachy look.
This product opened up my life to beauty ! I will use for ever
Smells so good
I absolutely love this texture spray. It is one of my favorite Go to’s. I use it a lot in the summer after the pool or lake to give my hair just a natural beachy look!
Very good product definitely will recommend to family and friends, not very oily the scent is good and I will be personally and again
I loved it!! The coconut scent is so yummy and amazing! The scent lasts all day and my hair felt wonderful. I used this for natural looking beachy waves. I received allot of compliments on my hair and the scent.

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