4.4 5 0 37 37 Love Beauty and Planet's unique coconut milk and white jasmine sea salt spray is a texturizing hair spray that keeps your locks fresh and fragrant. Just spray on damp hair from the roots to the ends, air dry, blow dry, or diffuse and beachy wavy hairstyle.
Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Milk Beachy Texture Salt Spray
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Beauty & Planets lotion
Beauty & Planets lotion is great because it goes on nice. It's not thick & greasy. My skin drinks it up & the smell is beautiful🌷
Great smell
It gave you hair life and keep it healthy special when you swim every day
A True Beauty from the Planet
I have always been a fan of this brand of products.. I have tried their body washes, shampoos, and hand soap. I'm very picky about the brands and products I use for my hair but this had coconut in it - so I gave it a try. It was truly amazing and left my hair looking great. I felt that my hair was a bit dry throughout the day, though!
beach waves without going to the beach
I kinda liked it. It works better on straighter hair than my nature kinky hair for me. I did like that it left my hair soft and did me give pretty waves when used on straight hair. I would still recommend it.
Amazing product!
I first heard of this company through a free sample of another product they sell so I decided to give this spray a shot and was not disappointed. It added subtle beachy waves to my hair with a fresh coconut smell. I really enjoyed it.
Silky & Smooth
I love that this gave my hair the texture and bounce that it claims. I really needed this and along with being nourished and cared for I love the smell it’s not overpowering and it doesn’t dry my hair out what your most products to you. I love the way that I can apply at the pump does not get clogged.
Great inexpensive salt spray
I recently switched from a pricier salt spray I was purchasing from Sephora to this. I have had a great experience with the brand's shampoo and conditioner and this is no exception! It does occasionally seem to make my hair a bit fluffier than other sprays I've used, which isn't great but hasn't been too much of an issue.
Love this brand!
Love the scent of outcome of my hair with the product! I wish more came in the bottle !
Smells Amazing
Love Beauty and Planet smells so amazing and leaves my hair feeling extremely soft. This products get rid of frizz even in humid climates and leaves my hair looking beautiful and natural!
Beachy Texture
This coconut beach spray gives your gair so much texture. Amazing beachy wavy textured hair. Smells fantastic.
Smells great , good overall
I loved the smell the most 5/5... but overall performance 3/5...
Once again I am impressed. I love all of their shampoos and conditioners. The hairspray is light works amazing and smells great!
Love and Beauty and Planet Salt Spray
Very good little spray that moisturizes my hair while adding extra texture making my hair smell like jasmine also it is very easy to apply and great to add to your traveling bag when making trips
So nice
I really liked this product it worked very well on me which is hard because I’m very picky
Love it!
I actually bought this before from Safeway not to long ago! I love that the smell actually stayed on me for a good 4-6 hours and it really felt like I took a shower (when I really just sprayed the salt spray) The scent is so light but good!

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