Strictly Curls Curl Enhancing Styling Foam

4.3 5 0 151 151 Curl defining formula, protects color, eliminates frizz and transforms fine, limp, curls into full, bouncy, shiny curls. Salon perfected by World Champion Hair Stylist and Professional Hair Expert Marc Anthony with his trademarked Moisture Gloss formula.
Strictly Curls Curl Enhancing Styling Foam


Curly girly!
I really enjoyed using this stuff but I may not purchase again. It really defined my girls but I felt like I had to play with my hair a little to long to get it how I liked it, by then I was over it haha
The Perfect Partner for Gorgeous Curls!
From the moment I applied this foam to my damp hair, I could feel its lightweight yet nourishing formula working its magic. Unlike some other styling products that can leave curls feeling crunchy or weighed down, this foam creates soft, touchable curls that bounce with life.
Beautiful curls
First of all, the packaging is sleek and convenient. The pump dispenser makes it easy to control the amount of product I use and prevents any mess. The foam itself has a lightweight and airy texture, making it easy to distribute throughout my hair without any clumping. I have noticed a significant difference in my curls since using this styling foam. It enhances my natural curl pattern and adds definition without making my hair feel crunchy or stiff. My curls are bouncy and have a natural shine to them, giving my hair a healthy and voluminous look. What I love most about this product is that it doesn't leave any residue or build-up on my hair. It also has a pleasant scent that is not overpowering.
Not impressed
I was not impressed with this at all. It did nothing for my curls & actually left my hair dried out & more frizzy than before using it. I didn't like the scent of it [sort of like a lemony citrus kind of smell.] I wouldn't recommend this if you have frizzy hair & you're looking to tame & sculpt your curls. Could maybe work for someone just wanting to scrunch their hair.
Smells bad
It works good every product from this brand but I absolutely hate the smell so I don't buy this anymore
Styles and Holds Curls!
My self and my eleven year old daughter have extremely thick and curly hair. I love using this styling foam to give us both a soft curl without the crunchy texture of gel or hairspray. The curls hold well and I notice less frizz when we use it on wet hair.
Amazing product
This product really helps to keep the frizz down. Definitely works wonders for my hair. Keeping and holding everything in place. Would recommend this for sure. 10/10 amazing product
Itchy, itchy
I have tried this product 3 times now and each time has been the same result. My curls look beautiful for about 2-3 hours then they frizz out. On top of that it makes my scalp itchy and leaves a residue on my hair. High hopes fell flat
Frizz Gone
I really how moisturizing this product keeps my hair, due to where I live I normally have a lot of frizz, but this perfectly controls it! I also color my hair every few months and I noticed that this does not strip the color away
Omg this is amazing
Game changer this product is one of the most used items I used on my hair daily it's helpful to keep that amazing hold
While I adore this product, I'm disappointed with this specific version. Unfortunately, since I bought it, I've only been able to dispense a runny goop, which makes it difficult to apply and achieve the beautiful curls it promises. However, when it works, the results are stunning, depending on your styling technique. For a smoother experience and similar results, I highly recommend trying the squeeze bottle gel version.
Curls for Days is true
My daughter has natural curly hair and would rarely wear her hair down or natural she would use a straight iron. After we found this product she has used it religiously and loves it.
Works great for my daughters curly hair
I have four children and one of them has really curly hair. I've found that these Strictly Curls products work amazing on her hair. This left her curls soft and frizz-free! It has been a life saver because I've spent soooo much money trying new curl products for her.
Overall a good styling product for Curls
Strictly curls styling foam s overall a pretty good styling product for my curly hair. As drug store brands go, strictly curls it certainly one of the better brands. I find their styling give my curls definite hold and keep them together. I don't know that it does anything to either keep or rehydrate my hair, but it is an effective styling tool.
Keeps curl’s hydrated
A little goes a long way with this product. It will keep your curls hydrated most of the day. I live in a high humidity area, that being said, most of the day I don’t have frizz. It holds my curls most of the day, as well. I’ve learned that by using a gel along with this, it works a little longer.

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