4.5 5 0 19 19 Carbon Theory’s. U.K lab formulated Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Break-Out Control Facial Cleansing Bar contains premium natural ingredients dermatologically proven prevent breakouts and keep your skin looking balanced, clear and hydrated.
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helps calm
love this product and the fact it helps calm my skin down
Fab product
I’d read so much about this product that i really wanted to try it! My face is very dry and i was suffering with small break outs. I love that it has lasted for ages compared to other products similar to this and it makes my face feel clean and soft after each use! I have now tried more products from this brand too.
Not so good for me
Read lots of review about how good this product was so couldn't wait to try it. Used it as explained on the packet but found that I was getting more outbreaks. Gave it the benefit of the doubt that perhaps my skin needed to get worse before getting better/clearer. After a month or so, I haven't found this is the case and my skin is breaking out more than ever. Not saying it isn't a good product as there's lots of before and after photos etc out there showing how great it is, but just not good for me!
Love it!
I personally love this product, it lasts a long time and feels so good when your scrubbing your face, I find its also good for the stubborn dry bits of skin. You feel like your face has had it's own wee facial, after youv washed your face it's a perfect base to apply your makeup or other face products. I also have sensitive skin and this bars never itritated my skin and the after results are glowing.
Love it!
This is the best I ever tried! I have very very oily skin, and this product works perfectly!
Fantastic product
Absolutely love this, I waited so so long to get this, everytime I tried to order it, it was out of stock, I waited months but it was definitely worth the wait. This is amazing, I suffer bad acne and this really helped clear it up, I love I can use this daily and it helps keep breakouts at bay! The only negative I would say is it really drys my skin out, but that is a price I am willing to pay to have clearer skin
So read about all the hype online about this product, waited for months for it to be in stock, paid £6 and to be fair it’s quite good. I suffer from spot break outs every so often around my chin. This is a typical bar of soap that leaves you with that sense of dry skin after but clean! Clean and spot free only dislike is that it looks a bit grim on the sink after a few weeks lol.
Deep clean
I have suffered with on and off acne for years. Was told about this from a friend and I have it a go. AMAZING! really could see an improvement in my skin. Would highly recommend for anyone to try, acne skin or not.
no spots
This product works amazing. My spots cleared up within the week. My skin doesn't feel dry. It has lasted me over 4 months and still works. I think more products in this brand need to be developed as I think it needs to be more well known as the product works!!.
Nice texture
Exfoliates as well as cleansing. Nicely lathering soap with no overpowering smells. Removes any excess oils from your skin without leaving it dry.
A little drying
This soap is OK, I’m not sure my skin is much clearer. I can only use it at most once a day as my skin got sore and dry. I think this has improved as I’ve got used to it though.
Very effective
Carbon Theory is so natural and gentle I think even the most sensitive skin type would be able to use. The tea tree oil gives the product a lovely fresh smell. Easy to use and very effective.
Excellent for frequent breakouts
My 14 yr old daughter suffers from frequent breakouts, we have tried many lotions, potions, creams, gels etc, however, we have not found something that consistently helps her skin. She does take low dose antibiotics but this cleansing bar has helped greatly, while she still gets the odd break out it seems to have dramatically helped to reduce them and assist in clearing them up far more quickly than almost anything else we have tried. I would recommend to other break out/acne sufferers
My go to facial product
After complaining to my boss that I was fed up of my changing skin and all the breakouts I was getting, she told me about this soap she’d been using and now had 4 bars of as she was worried about running out!. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and I love how it makes me skin feel, it’s less oily but doesn’t hydrate. I’ll drink nicely be sticking with this from now on.
Fantastic product
I brought this as I was suffering from oily skin causing breakouts. I wouldn’t be without it now. Within the first few days I noticed a visible change in my skin and barely get breakouts at all now.

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