4.7 5 0 157 157 At Original Source we’ve created Hydrating Water Infusions which capture the power of nature. Infused with fruits and flowers these hydrating body washes help keep your skin feeling healthy from the outside in. Containing 3x moisturisers and a vitamin and antioxidant blend, Hydrating Water Infusions are also paraben free. The perfect detox for your skin.
Original Source Hydrating Water Infusions Raspberry & Rose Water
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This product is amazing smells like you wouldn't belive and all natural ingredient xx
Is ok
I almost finished my bottle. I like more creamy formulas. This one is very rare. My skin is moisturized, but 3x more? Definitely not. Has a very pleasant smell. Big plus for paraben free, and recyclabe bottle.
best shower gel ever
I suffer with some allergies and before i found out about water infusion, I had wasted so much money on shower gels that were no good for skin. This one makes you feel fresh and clean and well worth every penny paid, its also liked by all my household.
eye catching bottle
other than the eye catching bottle I didn't think this product stands out any different from the other ones in this brand. The smell although nice doesn't really seem very strong. Not one of my favourites.
Saw this item for a pound so I purchased it. Well let's say I wouldn't pay more. It didn't really hydrate my skin like it promises and the didn't last long.
I have tried most of these in different scents but I have to admit this wasn’t my favourite I like to smell clean and fresh getting out of shower n this didn’t have a strong clean scent
Stunning scent!
Scent is outstanding! Also lasts for a good few hours! I felt so clean and energised after using this product, which you don’t get with many products! 100% have & will recommend!🥰
I'm a fan of original source
Tried the new water infusions as my husband will not use anything other than the original source mint! These are nice and more feminine. I'd definitely buy these again if on offer although my husband will be sticking to the mint. More one for the ladies!
Lovely smell
Striking bottle branding makes this feel luxurious. Smelled great both during and after the shower. The gel is nice to apply and rinse off, just the right amount of foam. Seems less chemically than others.
Clean and fresh
LOVE this product! I would definitely recommend it to anyone. The smell is beautiful and actually leaves the scent on your skin once you are out of the shower. Very quickly became one of my favourites.
Loved this shower gel :). Lovely fragrance and was delicate on my skin. Would definitely recommend. Fragrance isn't overpowering either.
Smells delicious
Smell is lovely! Bit on the small side though and you can get similar products with more in for a cheaper price, only bought as on offer
beautiful scent and silky soft skin
I love this shower gel, all of the scents are beautiful and my skin always feels amazing after using it. The best thing about this product is that it doesn't dry your skin out as soon as you finish bathing with it. I'd definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.
Love it!
Absolutely love the whole range of this shower gel (the watermelon is incredible) my skin feels so clean and fresh and leaves a nice lingering smell on your skin! Am sticking with these, definitely recommend
Favourite product
One of my favourite shower gels! Smells amazing and leaves skin feeling refreshed

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