4.8 5 0 37 37 Soothe and nourish your sensitive skin with Sanex Advanced AtopiCare Bath & Shower Oil. Its hypoallergenic, non-greasy formula relieves dryness, itching and irritation. Great for everyday use, and gentle enough for little ones' skin, it will leave you feeling smooth, soothed and beautifully hydrated.
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This is a very good product, very good cleanser. My Nephew who has skin issues was able to use this with no problems
Gorgeous body wash
I have pretty sensitive skin when it comes to shower gel's. A lot of fragranced ones leave my skin itchy and blotchy. This however is silky smooth, leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturised. Nice smell to it as well. We are a Sanex only household when it comes to body wash. My only gripe is that it's quite runny, so a delivery system that doesn't splurge out so much and something more controlled would be good.
Sanex is amazing but this new one they've bought out is even more amazing. Its smells lovely, sooths and improves skin so well its wonderful. A little bit goes a long way and it's well worth buying, especially if you have skin issues. Highly recommended and for every day use..
Really good as I have very sensitive dry skin, this helped moisturise and was very easy bottle to use in the shower.
Skin hydration
First time I used this was during a holiday in the sun. It definitely helped with keeping the skin moisturised and hydrated. For anyone with dry skin I would try this. It had an added bonus of being suitable for my young granddaughters skin who suffers from eczema .
Love it
Happy with all sanex products this is another good one
Best option for sensitive skin
I used to live in a house with bath. Me and my husband ( him mostly) have problems , skin problems actually. This was the very first time I used and have not problems in my skin and also I felt smooth and my skin glowing after all. Highly recommend.
Nice smell and I feel clean
Good product. Nice smell and I feel clean. Job done.
Smooth skin
Really moisturising shower gel really helps my dry skin. It’s great to find a shower gel containing oil that not only cleans but moisturises and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I would recommend this to anyone who has sensitive skin like me.
Lovely shower oil
I really like this shower oil from Sanex it helps my skin feel smooth without feeling itchy
Loved it
Great for soothing dry itchy skin, loved the smell and it's great value for money
Amazing for sure itchy skin
Love this product so gentle and moisturising on my super sensitive skin. Cannot recommend this enough. I use this daily. After suffering allergic reactions to nearly all other shower gels, this is heaven for the skin.
Clean and fresh
Love Sanex it always makes me feel clean and fresh, i love all Sanex products that i have tried. Beautiful
Sanex smooth
Love this shower gel it leaves my dry itchy skin smooth and soothed. Sanex are definitely leaders in dry sky products in my view
Absolutely fabulous!
This showel gel is beyond amazing! Because I have dry legs, I first bought Sanex Atopicare to see if it really did what it promised. And it did! It smells nice, it's not too oily so no slip in the shower, and my legs are softer and less dry. I still use an oil-based cream for extra protection but if you haven't tried this product, I would strongly recommend you to do so!

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