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Garnier Organic Lemongrass Gel Wash
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garnier lemongrass face wash
really good on your skin -skin feels refreshed. can use every day .
Smells amazing
This is my favourite face wash. Its smells amazing, spreads easily, is gentle on the skin, shifts all my makeup in one go. It makes me happy every time I get a waft of it. Even my mini me tries to poach it as she love the smell also.
Amazing product, clean perfect even sensitive skin. Really helpful with acne. definitely recommend
I absolutely love garnier
When I buy this garnier for the first time and apply on my skin I was so impresse and I love the smell off refreshing fragrance from the lemongrass.
I’ve bought it recently and I fell in inlove after first usage. The smell is not annoying, gives nice feeling on body afterwards.
Super fresh
Not only does it smell amazing but it leaves your skin feeling so fresh and clean. I love the gel consistency and a little goes a long way.
Excellent face wash
Really great product that leaves your skin really refreshed and super clean and smells great
I'm in love with thissssss. It smells so good. Only downside is that smell doesn't last once you dry off and leave the shower
Loreal Organic lemongrass face gel
Loving this ATM, Its extremely affordable, its a decent size bottle and will last a while, the scent is gorgeous really refreshing, it hydrated my skin really good but left an almost shiny residue after, it easily gives high end brands a run for their money
Nice fragrance
I purchased this item and I love the refreshing fragrance from the lemongrass. I used this alongside the garnier konjac sponge. I found the sponge did a nice job at gently exfoliating my skin but other than that I didn’t really see any results or improvements to my skin. I like this product for the texture and fragrance but unfortunately it didn’t seem to do much else for me.
I love the fresh lemongrass face wash by Garnier Organics. The lemongrass gel face wash smells amazing and a small amount goes a long way. Very refreshing and leaves your face soft and energised. I use it every day and I can see the difference since using it.
A wonderful smell
I really loved this Garnier gel as it left my skin feeling really smooth ans smelling absolutely wonderful. The aroma is so fresh. Will definitely be using this again and again.
Love the smell and consistency of this product but actual results are questionable
So Natural
The gel looks bubbly in the pot and foams gently as you wash. It smells absolutely gorgeous: mostly of Lemongrass from Sri Lanka, but other organic ingredients include derivatives of sugar cane, coconut, cornflower, and glycerine (from rapeseed) to keep your skin moisturised. This is a really lovely product which left my skin fresh and clean and smelling gorgeous.
clean and organic
I love this face wash. I am not particularly stuck to any one brand i like to try new items. This appealed because it is organic and the lemongrass intrigued me, it is vegan too. The smell is a lovely and fresh, clean scent which wakes your skin and senses in the morning which is when i use mine. I do feel it gives a good wash, by skin is freshen, not dry or tight in the slightest after use. I would recommend stand will probably try further products from this range based on this product.

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