4.9 5 0 40 40 This unique way of moisturising capitalises on skin’s peak hydration moment when it’s wet. Bursting into a glow-boosting, water-like texture on application, this refreshing jelly is clinically proven to lock in 3x the hydration* & 3x more radiance** for skin that’s instantly softer & smoother. Infused with SmartMoisture™ technology, skin will feel more moisturised & glowing than a regular scrub or lotion. For best brightening results, use daily for 2 weeks’.
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Sanctuary x
I love Sanctuary products and always by them.So was really excited to see this new product on the shelf.It has the lovely warm scent of Sanctuary and makes your skin look,feel and smell divine! You can really notice the difference.
Another great product from sanctuary
Both my mum and I love sanctuary products. Great for use in shower
Instant moisture boost
I was wowed instantly when I used this!! It’s so quick and easy to apply and definitely left my skin feeling very moistures. Not my usual brand but one I will definitely be picking up again!
I absolutely love the Sanctuary products and this one is no different.....I love it. The smell is out of this world and you could almost close your eyes and be in a spa. The product left my skin feeling lovely smoothed and moisterised and definitely has a thumbs up from me
Light to use
Love Sanctuary Spa different and this was no different. Leaves my skin feeling nice and soft and leaves no greasy residue behind. Big plus!!
Love this
Best moisturiser ive used in ages would not be without it now
A dream
Love this. Such a great idea, sometimes you can wait for ages to be dry enough to moisturise. This stops that, straight out shower and can be applied instantly. Has made my skin feel hydrated and super smooth, the smell is a dream. I love everything sanctuary and would highly recommend.
Really works
Sent a sample of this in a beauty box. It really works when you have wet skin and just got out of the showe. I would say it is best to be semi wet not dripping. Just apply and it sinks in beautifully.
Very nice
I want to try your products. I will very very happy
Beautiful product I live the consistency and the way it made my body feel I loved the scent and the fact it wasn’t and didn’t leave a sticky feeling
First time using it and feels lovely, would recommend!
Fresh and long lasting
This is a great product offering a long lasting but not over powerful fragrance. It is easy to apply and quicker than drying yourself adding moisturiser and then having to wipe any excess off. A great product I definitely recommend.
easy and quick to apply, Smells great once stepped out of the shower applied straight to wet skin no messing around or fuss!
the texture, the moisturized is just fabulous. It is a must have in your beauty routine.
Absolutely Fab
Absolutely loved this product. It was so easy and quick to apply, once I stepped out of the shower I applied straight to wet skin and jelly just sunk right away into my skin. My skin was super hydrated and silky soft for hours afterwards. The smell was amazing and it’s affordable too. Highly recommended

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