4.8 5 0 56 56 SHOWER YOUR DAY WITH POSITIVITY. Radox are excited to announce 4 exclusive shower gels, available only at Boots! Will you Make Big Waves with a fresh scent? Live Life in Full Bloom with something a bit sweeter? Or perhaps go further and Reach for the Stars? Whatever your choice, Embrace your Zest for Life!
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Fab fragrance
Radox shower gels always smell so good, and they leave my skin clean but still soft. Favourite brand for shower gels and I love trying the different scents and love that you can still smell it on your skin hours after using it!! And as a bonus it's always a great price!!
I love any radox shower gels. This great fruity and really strong smelling and long lasting. Feels great and moisturising. My favourite one of shower gels.
Absolutely love any radox shower gels always great fruity and really strong smelling and long lasting. Feels great and moisturising.
Lovely smell
I love that smell it is So fresh, and it last all Day. It is my number one product.
Great smell
This product is great for everyday use. The fragrance is amazing and the colour is just so pretty. Does what it says on the tin and would definitely purchase again in the future.
Smells divine
Absolutely gorgeous smell, foams up lovely and is a wonderful way to start my day!
Fantastic shower gel
Leaves you feeling clean and fresh all day and smells divine. Reasonably priced too! Loved the smell and price. Can’t see any areas for improvement. I would highly recommend.
Love radox it is my go too product. Smells lovely and leaves skin so soft. This scent is gorgeous
Great Gel
I love this shower gel. The smell is amazing and it leaves your skin feeling really soft. The smell lasts for ages which is what i want
Great product, nice rich lather, smells amazing and the scent lasts all day too. Was on offer in morrison's so had to get it and so glad i did as love this product. Leaves skin so soft and fresh. One of many we will continue to use in my home by all the family.
Shower Bliss
Hadn't used Radox for a little while but was in a local shop and saw it on offer so wanted to give it a go and I wasn't disappointed it has an amazing strong smell that stays on my skin during the day and it lathers up really nicely, the whole family now use it so I have had to buy more to stock up.
Radox bath
Smells beautiful. My fav thing about bath time must haves is the scent it gives off. There’s nothing better than laying in a lush scented bath it’s even better when your skin feels fresh.
A lovely scent and glides on your skin. I really live to use this
I love their packaging
I bought it as my kids asked. I did like the smell but what was the best is the look. Now we have empty bottle and my son's playing with it.
Smells lovely
This product smells so lovely! I purchased it on sale, and it’s now my all time favourite shower gel. It’s check, keeps my skin feeling fresh, smooth and clean. Will carry on buying

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