4.3 5 0 167 167 McCoy's Muchos is a new crispy, folded tortilla snack inspired by the street kitchens of Mexico. Every bite is bursting with spices and seasonings for more flavour than a Mexican fiesta. Viva Los Muchos!
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Good taste
I usually like nachos, I tried this and it got a nice taste. You can taste cheese but not too much. I like this snack
Give them a go
Nice light texture which makes smacking very easy and they have a slight kick that builds the more u eat without being too spicy. And good with some salsa or sour cream. A nice change from my usual chips
These went down well in my house with every one but me. My fiancé and 3 year old loved them I prefer normal cheesy Doritos.
I absolutley love these! I could quite happily eat a whole bag! They have so much flavour and they are super crunchy! These are most definitely one of my favourites when picking my snacks! The bag is usually pretty full aswell so you get plenty! Ideal for sharing and the kids love them too!
Yummy, leaves you wanting more.
These are certainly a different texture and shape to the normal crisp. We found them in our household absolutely yummy. I purchased them when they were on an introductory offer but will definitely be buying on a more regular basis. Great flavour, great taste.
Can eat a whole bag
These are really nice but as a treat! the crisps are so full of great taste and the crunch is perfect. You couldn't sit and eat a whole bag in one sitting but great for when you are grazing and want something salty rather than sweet.
Oh my, so moreish packet gone before I know it. Have tried 2 of the 3 flavours.
I was really enticed by the packaging of these crisps as they are so colourful but I was disappointed. They tasted so bland. Safe to say I haven't bought another packet since.
Value for money
A large bag for £1, well worth the money, nice texture and nice taste
Not as nice as I would have liked
As a Nacho Cheese lover, i was quite disappointed with this product. you do get quite a lot of crisps in the bag, but the flavour just didn't seem right to me... wasn't your typical nacho cheese flavour and was a little salty.
love the flavour
great taste, nice tang to it, like the little kick you get form it every now and again.
Too artificial
the crisps themselves were really nice, (shape/texture) however the product tasted really artificial and salty, I wouldn't mind trying a different flavour or an improved flavour.
o wow brought from out local shops for £1 get loads in a bag not a bad size crisp either the taste is so good once you have eaten one bag you now you will buy another bag next tme you go shopping
Too much salt
Even as a self obsessed salt addict, I found these to be so overpoweringly salty that I could barely bring myself to eat more than a handful. I could taste the cheese underneath, and it had a typical nacho cheese kick at the back of the throat but overall I was very disappointed with these!!!
It’s okay
We only bought one pack of these & that would be our last one. It tastes of strong, artificial cheese-like something. They are very salty & I find eating more than few sickening.

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