4.2 5 0 178 178 McCoy's Muchos is a new crispy, folded tortilla snack inspired by the street kitchens of Mexico. Every bite is bursting with spices and seasonings for more flavour than a Mexican fiesta. Viva Los Muchos!
Mccoy's Muchos Nacho Cheese
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Oh Yum !
Oh boy these were scrummy. Loved the crunchy texture and they were full of flavour too. Very moorish.
Love love love
These are soooo good. They have a nice flavour, a good crunch and have a different texture to normal crisps.
These are pretty good, ice flavour and I like the texture, the other flavours are good too
Perfect snack for gatherings
I really love these crisps, they go perfect with dip so are great for gatherings or evenings where you don't fancy much to eat. The only thing that knocks a point off is the price point, I believe they are around £2 not on promotion which I think is a bit pricey, so I wait until they go on offer.
they are really nice cheese taste
i really like these news muchos crisps , especially nacho cheese taste. taste is very rich, shape of crisp is easy to share, and overall this has a great taste for a snack. highly recommended
Great but not perfect. Guacamole recommended or some hot chilli salsa .
Good shape and taste
I liked the shape of these, and they are robust enough to stand a thick dip! The flavour is good, but not overpowering.
Great new idea
I love the shape and texture of these - due to their shape they do not get broken up in the bag like other crisps. And although I preferred the chicken flavour in them, I would still buy this if it were unavailable
These are nice & crispy & nice flavour. Very light & moreish
First came across these when they were all reduced to clear in my local morrisons. This was before I'd seen them advertised anywhere and I couldn't yet find them in other shops. Not sure why, but I love a bargain so I grabbed far more packs than I required, and I've bought more since! A little spicy (in the best sense), but intensely cheesey and crunchier than a normal crisp. Delicious to scoff as a standalone crisp or to use with any dips. The bags are quite large and always full, so you get a good bagful for the money. But if you have no self control, this is apparently a bad thing!! Also really good as a substitute for your normal tortilla chips when making a big bowl of nachos!! Can't fault them.
Really tasty
I love these crisps, they are flavoursome and crunchy and a bit different. They are a fantastic snack while watching a film. But I would like it if they did them in smaller bags, as it is easy to just sit there and eat the whole thing!
Good taste
I usually like nachos, I tried this and it got a nice taste. You can taste cheese but not too much. I like this snack
Give them a go
Nice light texture which makes smacking very easy and they have a slight kick that builds the more u eat without being too spicy. And good with some salsa or sour cream. A nice change from my usual chips
These went down well in my house with every one but me. My fiancé and 3 year old loved them I prefer normal cheesy Doritos.
I absolutley love these! I could quite happily eat a whole bag! They have so much flavour and they are super crunchy! These are most definitely one of my favourites when picking my snacks! The bag is usually pretty full aswell so you get plenty! Ideal for sharing and the kids love them too!

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