4.1 5 0 66 66 This formula with COLLAGEN COMPLEX and HAIR-IDENTICAL KERATIN repairs inner hair damage and lifts the hair from the roots for long-lasting volume, without weighting it down.
Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Volume Shampoo 250ml
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Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Volume Shampoo
Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Volume Shampoo is great. It leaves yoir hair feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The keratin gives volume to the hair and increases my self esteem as it makes you feel fantastic. Recommend to all.
Soft and shiny
This is a very good product, leaves your hair and scalp feeling very clean.. Soft and sleepk
5 srat
I usually have very dry hair and always had to use conditioner every 2/3 days because my hair was very dry and, with this shampoo it didn't happen to me anymore (I used shampoos VERY good brands as expensive) and not only this, the hair dye holds me more with this shampoo and even people who left him try this shampoo (people over 45 years old) told me that with this shampoo did not fall out their hair hardly unlike other brands. In conclusion: I will continue to buy this shampoo for my given that it is the one that has given me the best results and the smell that it has drives me crazy the truth.
not for me
I have tried this shampoo but i ended up washing my hair soon after with another product. hair were kind of dry and greasy and hard. might for some it might suit. i know my mothers hair type such shampoos are great. well i would not recommend.
It doesn't give my hair a great amount of volume but it smells nice.
Leaves hair nice and smooth with a feeling of lifting them!
Smells lovely, leaves hair nice and soft. Also cheap to buy.
Have tried this a couple of times now and always makes my hair super soft and gives an added shine.
This shampoo and conditioner will leave your hair smelling gorgeous for a good 24 hours I absolutely love this product
Great Item
I love this Shampoo, the smell and how it made my hair soft. I liked most that it made my hair glossy felt so clean. The only improvement would be the price. But I would recommend this product
made my hair very dry
This product made my hair incredibly dry i couldn't even brush through it so i had to purchase another product to fix it.
No frizz
Aways skeptical about using new shampoos has I love my hair so always stayed with the same brand but my partner told me to try this and haven't looked back since left my hair feeling silky and smooth usually I need to straight when dried due to frizz but with this it adds volume without the frizzy side abaolsotly love it
Good product
Used this shampoo previously and even though it doesn't give my hair a great amount of volume, it smells lovely and I felt really special using it. I would recommend everyone to at least try.
Pretty good
Bought this in Croatia as couldn’t find my usual product was pleasantly surprised! Really liked it! And not bad for just using on holiday 😊 Would highly recommend this product!
It’s not good
I’ve used this product a couple of times and I wasn’t satisfied with the result, my hair felt heavy like it had a extra coat on

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