4.5 5 0 89 89 Its Simples, Kind to Hair Gentle Care Shampoo hair care. 1 Vitamin pro – vitamin B5, 3 hair loving ingredients Calendula, chamomile oil and geranium oil, and 0 artificial perfume or colour that can upset your skin. Simple Goodness! For healthy, soft hair our Gentle Care everyday Shampoo is a perfect blend of ingredients to restore and replenish your hair. Perfect even for a sensitive scalp.
Simple Kind To Hair Gentle Care Shampoo
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Leaves your hair soft and silky and tangle free easy to brush
Gentle haircare. Leaves hair clean and soft. Great for the Scalp.
Good item as usual from Simple at a good price.
Bought this for my husband who has sensitive skins as get him the Simple showergel so thought this would go with that item for him to use in the shower as fragrance free.
Really gentle
I purchased to see what it was like for my son because he has sensitive skin, it worked a treat and caused no issues for him, it is kind on the scalp/skin, does not have a scent but leaves you feeling fresh.
Great for people with sensitive skin
My mums swears by this she can’t use any creams shampoos or anything with chemicals as she suffers with very sensitive skin and scalp this is the only shampoo she will use and I have to say once I tried it I will not go back to any other
Great for sensitive skin!
I have very sensitive skin and this is the only shampoo I can use that does not affect my skin! Great product! Will continue to buy!
It smells so lovely and it feels relaxing and chilling. I like it alot the price is decent.
I love it because you can't buy this size in the shops. I have skin problems of the scalp, where my scalp burns, flakes and gets crusty.
This is so gentle on my scalp. I’m suffering from a dry flaky at the moment. So I thought I would try this, as my other shampoo was baking it more irritated. I found this helped sooth my scalp and left my hair soft and shiny.
Great Product
this product is great if you have sensitive skin/scalp. It leaves your hair feeling really clean, without irritating your scalp. You still get a good lather and no residual feeling on your hair after washing
Excellent for greasy hair
My daughter uses this all the time I spent years trying different shampoos for her as she had extremely greasy hair finally came across this and I swear it was the absolute best shampoo for her hair since then she has never changed it it's great value it leaves your hair silky smooth and soft I would say this shampoo is excellent for teenagers with greasy hair my daughters hair was very long and she has fine hair but millions off for it it is by far one of the best shampoos for her hair type and texture highly recommend
Worked wonders for my daughter especially when she is going thru her patches of eczema ! Did her curls good along with conditioner too .. always a good purchase and brand to buy from and use many other Products within there ranges also
I wear a hair covering fir work which leaves my hair feeling yucky. However, that has changed using this product. My hair feels clean and shines. No tangles either
It is a plain old shampoo as it should be. Good for every day use by the entire family. Do not expect miracles though as it would not have the same effect as expensive shampoos have: repairing and all. It did not work for me but it is good as a body wash. Nothing gets wasted, especially the shampoo with nothing added to it like Simple
Iv bought this for the family my lad said his dandruff had cleared after a couple weeks of use so gets my vote

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