MAJESTIC PURE Coconut Massage Oil

4.9 5 0 75 75 Majestic Pure Coconut Massage Oil is carefully crafted with wonderful ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil and Rosemary Oil to create a soothing romantic aroma. Ultra-glide formula made from a refined form of pure coconut oil. Formulated with 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil. Soothing and hydrating ingredients readily absorb into the skin making this oil great for dry, sensitive skin. Its beneficial ingredients nourish and moisturize skin. Great for both professional and at-home spa use.
MAJESTIC PURE Coconut Massage Oil


Las amo
Enamorada de este producto,amo su olor,excelente para masajes
I tried this by mistake. But I’m so very glad I did! Made with healing and soothing oils. Massage all over or just in spots. Within minutes you feel relaxed and no pain. I would not buy anything else but this one from now on! I’m very happy.
great for massage
This a great alternative to highly processed oils....not too greasy, absorbs well and has a calming fragrance...highly recommend!!
Love this! It smells amazing and is perfect for giving or recieving massages. Leaves skin silky soft
Magestic pure coconut massage oil
Let me just start off by saying this massage oil smells absolutely amazing. And it feels so good on my skin. My husband rubbed some on my back and legs and i almost fell asleep.
great calming scent
i love massage oils that smell great in addition to having that super slippery effect. this is a really good choice if you're just getting into home massages
Great oil
Really enjoyed this massage oil. It was so silky smooth. It made my skin smooth. Not sticky. Really got into all my sore spots while massaging. Really liked it on my feet while massaging. Smells so good!
If you have any strained muscles or just want to give yourself a total spa treatment, this this oil to use. The scent is heavenly and not over powering. Warm the oil up for a total relaxation experience!
Great massage oil.
I like this massage oil it’s one of my favorites. It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and it can be good for sensitive skin. This kept my skin feeling soft also. And I liked the light scent that this has also. If you want to relax and nourish your skin with something that will help moisturize it, I would recommend this massage oil. And I would definitely say that this is one of the best massage oils out there.
Good Stuff!
I really got caught off guard on this one. I hurt my back many years ago and every now and then as I get older my back injury comes back screaming. So I get a few backrubs and this we tried and it is very good. The thickness of the oil is perfect and the coconut scent is very natural smelling and long lasting. I just had to say this.
Best on the market
This product was very affordable and satisfying. I purchase this product by mistake after picking up the wrong product. I must say that I was not disappointed after using this product!
Aroma is amazing
I bought this to just give a review, but I ended up loving it. This is absolutely awesome oil. Its smell is one of it's better attributes. Its silky, light fragrance and all out awesome.
My Favorite Massage Oil!!!
I love this Massage Oil. It is my favorite. It gives a nice fragrance as you use it. It is not too strong. It allows your hands to goings nicely over the surface you are massaging. It does not absorb too much. I recommend this to my family and friend all the time!!!
Smells amazing.
My husband had a stroke about 2 years ago and his left side of his back is still a little numb, so I use this product to massage his back. Easily glides, and smells amazing!!! Thank You!!!
Loved it
Loved it left my skin soft and smooth no thick coating or residue definitely would recommend

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