4,3 5 0 27 27 For those who love the delicious taste of Butro; Butro Oil is a blend of sunflower and butter oil ideal for everyday use, cooking, frying & baking.
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butro cooking oil
nice tast and can use the oil more than once and when its hot it dont leave a bad smell
Biggest Fan
I absolutely love butro, its one of my favorite brands, I tried this and its great, so easy to use and cook with.
I love to Cook and bake witj butter and this oil just gives that yummy buttery taste
Butro makes everything better. I really enjoy using this product. It gives food a wonderful rich taste. You don't need to use a lot. I wish it came in bigger quantities. I would recommend this product.
So easy to use
I often buy butro but it gets finished so quickly when I'm using it for cooking, it's so nice to have a separate product to cook with and my butter lasts longer I love the taste
Nothing new
I was actually given the Butro to try as my friend was quite taken with it but found it similar to the Stork equivalent. However, it does taste great and it's not greasy at all.
Been using Butro since forever no matter the price. Simply love it. #purebutter#
Havent seen the Clover Butro Cooking Oil in the shops yet but would love to try it.
Thank you i will try it out. Please.............................
Never used it before. The logo on the bottle is catching the eye. Would like to try it out.
This will make cooking so much easier especially frying the eggs or mushrooms in the pan and especially for the kids no digging into the butter when they fry eggs
Did not try this product yet but would defenately want to try it it sounds interstingits a must on my shoping list
I have not seen this in the shop and have not tried it out, would love to get a sample
This looks so convenient to use. I would love to test it.
Hi have not tried this out and have not seen it in the shop, would love to get a sample to share and try out with my friends

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