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Hellman's Tangy Mayonnaise
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Creamy and adds a nice twist to salads and sandwiches
Very cream and adds extra zing to the salad and the sandwich
Hell man's tany mayo
Love this product but it's Kinder expensive so I only purchased it to test it.. They should make a creamy one as well. But the tangy is great for potato salad n coleslaw it's a really treat
Hellmann's Mayo Healthy
It was recommended by my Dietician, it is high in fat and tasty. It doesn't come cheap though.
Hellmann's tangy mayo.
It is an absolutely fabulous product, but way to expensive for pensioners!
yum yum yum potatoe salad yum
this mayo is epic! such a creamy texture and really pure indulgence even good with just some veg sticks and the mayo as a dip
Hellman's Tangy Mayo
The creaminess of the mayo is just perfect and taste really great. it's great for sandwiches and salad, also making dips.
Great taste, unconvincing packaging
I loved this mayonnaise, it is really "tangy" and creamy, great on salads and as a part of a dip. Do not like the packaging though, looks like a skincare product packaging.
Cant go wrong
Cant go wrong with hellman s tangy mayonnaise always wants more and more
This is absolutely delicious. A firm faviurite in my household. I just wish there were larger Jars - as this does not last very long
Deliciously creamy
This mayonnaise is a real favourite. Creamy, but without the oiliness of some brands. Not so sharp that it overpowers the flavor of the food, it enhances it.
hellmanns mayo
i like the creamy tast i just it with alot of my food even my 2 min noodles
the best
a mixture of homemade and exotic taste? very nice though! enjoy it with everything id say
Smooth as butter
Great tasting! I usually use another brand but upon trying this one at a friends house I was swayed! It is smooth and delicious, great for braai salads and if you need a lovely sauce to add to your meal.
As good as my previous favourite brand
I tried this as a sample as I was very fixed on my previous brand. I am now very happy that I have 2 alternatives
Perfect with Salads
One of my best memories is with my Mom having a greek salad and this Mayo. She introduced me to it and I have never used any other mayonaise. It is thick and creamy.

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