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Hellman's Tangy Mayonnaise
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Thick and creamy
My kids loved this mayonnaise. It was thick and rich. I needed something different for my potato salad and this was the perfect product
I want something for a change I tried this brand it's so delicious I will use it again my kids love the taste
Creamy n moist makes sandwiches tasty can use it on any filling
This is the best mayonnaise ive consumed,it tastes fresh,healthy and specially made. it is smooth on the tongue and gives a feeling of luxury
Best Mayo EVER!
This mayonnaise is literally the best and very light on the taste buds yet has the biggest impact. I eat it with everything and if I could I would eat it with a spoon and I'm honestly not exaggerating
Deliciously made
I loved the creamy taste to this mayo. It added more flavour to dishes and it was so creamy and bursting with taste. I would definately recommend to everyone.
Very tangy and nice
tried the mayonnaise a month ago and to my surprise it was the best ever,loved the tanginess,and creamy,I switched to using it more often,if only it came cheap. but overall I'd definitely recommend it.
Ooh yummy
This cream taste so devine. I loved it since the day I started using it in my house. It makes my salad dishes delish.
Love This
Heard about this product from a friend.... NOT A BIT DISAPPOINTED. Im a mayonaise lover an this is the real thing!
Divine mayonnaise
I used to be not a big fan of Mayonnaise because I couldn't find one that I would like. When I tried it, it was after my sister recommended it to me because she knows my Mayonnaise troubles. I found it to be absolutely divine. It's so creamy that it just melts in the mouth and the fanciness teases the taste buds amazingly. I use it in my salads and sauces as well. I absolutely love it.
Hellman's Tangy Mayonnaise
I started using Hellman's Tangy Mayonnaise two years ago. I cook my chicken and meat with it. I also make different sauces with it. You will never go wrong with Hellman's Tangy Mayonnaise.
Best Mayo available
Being Dutch ... I do like my chips with mayo... Its a Dutch/Belgian thing to eat your chips with mayo. This by far is the mayo that comes close in comparison to what is being 'offered' back in Europe. For a long time, Hellmann's was very expensive in SA, but luckily I found that it has become cheaper. Woohoo ... I don't eat chips that often, but when YES Helmann's is simply devine
it's taste good
i bought this because it was on sale. oh my!!!' i went back to get more, it takes different, it's smooth
Its tangy ,has a rich flavour I would buy it always if it weren't expensive but worth every cent spent buying it
No heart burn it so delicious last long in your salad

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