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Deliciously creamy
This mayonnaise is a real favourite. Creamy, but without the oiliness of some brands. Not so sharp that it overpowers the flavor of the food, it enhances it.
hellmanns mayo
i like the creamy tast i just it with alot of my food even my 2 min noodles
the best
a mixture of homemade and exotic taste? very nice though! enjoy it with everything id say
Smooth as butter
Great tasting! I usually use another brand but upon trying this one at a friends house I was swayed! It is smooth and delicious, great for braai salads and if you need a lovely sauce to add to your meal.
As good as my previous favourite brand
I tried this as a sample as I was very fixed on my previous brand. I am now very happy that I have 2 alternatives
Perfect with Salads
One of my best memories is with my Mom having a greek salad and this Mayo. She introduced me to it and I have never used any other mayonaise. It is thick and creamy.
Hellmann’s Mayo
I love the creamy texture and consistency on the product.
Tasty and Tangy
Good quality product reserved for extra special occasions. It makes salads come alive and sandwiches juicier. I use it in moderation as it is more costly... But definitely worth it!
Hellmanns Mayo
Really good quality and tastes great in my 7 layer salad. Just wish it wasn't so expensive.
Hellmans Mayo
My family and I do not like this product; reason being its just not our idea of what a mayo should taste like. It just doesn't gel well (flavor wise) with potato salad or noodle salad or with burgers etc. Although the texture and consistency is perfectly good it's the taste that's just not to our preference. Different folks different things.
Hellmans tangy Mayo my favourite
My number 1 mayonaise by far! Everything is just right about this products and it's very creamy sometimes I just wish it was cheaper so that I can buy more my 4 year old son and husband also love it. Always my number one choice no problems with the product at all
Best Mayo ever!!!
My kid's and I lovvvve this mayo!!! Can eat it out the jar...
I am in love
I love the creamy texture and taste of this product. Other mayo's tend to be a tad to sour for me. The only downside is that a bottle lasts only for a few days in my household, because it accompanies every snack when we have it in the cupboard.
This is the best product ever, it's thick and delicious. Its worth the price
Ohh boy I'm super happy
I love tangy Mayo, I most use it frequently since when I used to be in boarding school, crazy fan I am. I started using this product in September 2019 and you know what I am thrilled best taste and recommended it to my few friends and in most social network groups. Happy happy

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