Weigh-Less Honey Mustard Reduced Oil Dressing

4,6 5 0 109 109 Weigh-Less Reduced Oil Dressing with low in saturated fat and it's sweet& tangy. </p> "Based on a survey conducted on Home Tester Club, 9 309 members responded to the salad dressing survey in September 2018. Weigh-Less was ranked their number one brand in South Africa for Low in fat, and Organic”</p> Click <a href="https://www.hometesterclub.com/za/en/Reviews/CategoryDetail/14523"><b>here</b></a> to see the full results of the survey. </p>
Weigh-Less Honey Mustard Reduced Oil Dressing


A must try
I never tried it before but i think it's obe of my line, would definitely love to try it...
Nom nom
Truly enjoyed my salad with it, it contributed a lot to my taste buds
It is the only thing I will have on my salad. Nothing else tast the same
Honey and mustard weigh-less
The taste is good and makes your salad easy to eat. The healthy part is always guaranteed.
I live the taste,I never thought I will change my dressing brand,but I did,everyone lives it in my family.
Best salad dressing
This is the best salad dressing I have ever had. It adds a lot of flavor and makes my salads less bland. It is also healthier and less fattening than any of the other salad dressings I have tried before.
the whole family loves it.
The best part is that its low-GI & Great flavor, great taste, the whole family loves.
Simply the best
I have been struggling to get the right salad dressing to use but after coming across this one was the best time ever.im enjoying it and no worries about adding extra calories while enjoying my salad.It taste wonderful and goes well with most of my prepared salads as well.
Guilt free
I use to enjoy using this mustard when I was on the wighless program. I highly recommend this product.
Less guilt
This allows you to dine like a queen without feeling even a spec of guilt. It tastes so so nice.
Great Taste
Great flavor, great taste, the whole family loves this product and the best part is that its low-gi.
Honey mustard weighless dressing
The dressing is not too oily. It has a nice flavour and smooth when dressing salads. The taste and doesn't spoil the salad. No it is perfectly mixed. The ingredients are what it is.
A perfect compliment to an organic salad
The flavour of this dressing compliments whatever salad you had made and does not over power the flavour
Weightless honey mustard salad dressing
The taste is delicious! And healthy, with the weight we now have to lose after Christmas
The best
After reading the comments here, I decided to try this product, I must say that was the best decision.. It's light and not salty and not oil and taste delicious

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