4,5 5 0 25 25 Weigh-Less Reduced Oil Dressing with low in saturated fat and it's sweet& tangy. </p> "Based on a survey conducted on Home Tester Club, 9 309 members responded to the salad dressing survey in September 2018. Weigh-Less was ranked their number one brand in South Africa for Low in fat, and Organic”</p> Click <a href="https://www.hometesterclub.com/za/en/Reviews/CategoryDetail/14523"><b>here</b></a> to see the full results of the survey. </p>
Weigh-Less Honey Mustard Reduced Oil Dressing
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Weigh-less Honey & Mustard
Wow...this product is yummy. My 9 year old son can't have enough and that's the only Salad Dressing we use in my house.
No worries about oil
It's very nice and I can enjoy it with no worries about the fats in the oil
I use it for salad dressing and it tastes perfect, I highly recommend this one
Less Honey Mustard
this is one of my favorite salad dressing, my Sunday Lunch goes with it.
It is light and tastes great. It tastes so good that one would not say this is a healthy product. It is quick and easy to use. The flavour is great, highly recommended product.
Weigh-Less Honey Mustard Reduced Oil Dressing
Weigh-Less Honey Mustard Reduced Oil Dressing. It tastes so good. I love salad dressing but when you are watching your weight you are very restricted.
Delicious Dressing
I use this dressing when making a green salad and it is particularly delicious added to the mayonnaise for a potato and egg salad
Weigh less honey and mustard
A tasteful product , uses by me in salads , marinades and some other culinary experimenting.
I would love to try it because I'm on a health path at the moment
A taste sensation
This dressing is so refreshing with salads as well as using with other ingredients to make a marinade for beef I love it
The honey and mustard is a great combination for a dressing and the fact that it has less oil makes it good for health benefits. Would recommend it
Weigh-Less honey & mustert dressing
Love the taste of the Weigh-Less honey and mustard dressing. Will definitely buy this again.
Weigh less honey and mustard reduced oil dressing
an amazing taste to my salads and with the reduced oil , its just what the family needs. husband loves and so does the kids which is a plus for me....
Weigh-less salad dressing
I'm not usually one for salad dressing, but I joined Weigh-less earlier this year and was eager to try it. I wasn't disappointed.
I tried it once and it really wasn't bad at all. I would recommend

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