4,9 5 0 56 56 Succulent meatballs in a rich tomato sauce </p>A rich versatile tomato based sauce infused with garlic & herbs </p> A spicy sauce combining paprika, oregano and red pepper with a zesty lemon flavour </p>
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delicious falvoursome cooking
This cook in sauce makes such a huge difference when cooking spaghetti bolognaise. it adds so much flavor and aromas to the food, a definite thumbs up.
Love the taste
I love the peri peri dry cook in sauce, it is a taste explosion
mini Chef
I am not usually a fan of Sauces, but i love this range and every time i cook with them its an amazing experience. Definitely a must try!
I hardly ever cook without one of these sauces! It makes my life so much easier and it really is very tasty. Everyone loves it.
Absoloutely delicious
Adds great flavor to the food and makes a decadent sauce. Absolutely yummy!!!
Quick and easy to make meals
Using Knorr sauces ensures quick and easy to make delicious meals, saving you time it would normally take to make sauce.
I can cook!!
I hate cooking and never know what to make for dinner. Now I just buy a load of these packets and grab one every night and then decide what to make for dinner. It tastes good and it is a fast meal, but I love the fact that it is healthy food as well
Cook in sauce
Knorr cook in sauce in one of the best marinades I have ever use. The flavors are Devine.
Knorr tastes great
I love how Knorr cook in sauces taste "natural" as if I made everything from scratch, it doesn't have that powder taste that lingers as is often with most cook in sauces. I wish it was available in different sizes as well.
These products never fails. Tasty and value for money.
Knorr is the best
loved using the Knorr products, especially the Bolognaise sauce
my special ingredient
I usually cook with the Durban curry and bolognaise. add an additional flavor to the food. Great variety of flavors to make different dishes.
Great Taste, Convenient
This product gives great taste to your home cooking. It is also very convenient to use and gives flavour and thinkening in one.
My secret ingredient
This has become my secret weapon when cooking quick and easy meals that are simply delicious. The ones I share my secret with, are shocked that it's so easy yet so tasty!!
Knorr Cook in suace
All Knorr cook in sauces are great tasting and I would always recommend it. I personally use it weekly in my mince and stews.

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