4,8 5 0 166 166 Succulent meatballs in a rich tomato sauce </p>A rich versatile tomato based sauce infused with garlic & herbs </p> A spicy sauce combining paprika, oregano and red pepper with a zesty lemon flavour </p>
Knorr Dry Cook-in-Sauce
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Little Helper in the Kitchen
These cook in sauces make life so easy since working from home came in to effect with the lockdown, as I am also studying part-time, this makes the life simple when preparing lunch or supper.
The taste is in another level
I only use Knorr cook-in sauces, they make my food delicious and my sauces thick and flavourful with a great smell that's also appetizing, and looks delicious. I love knorr products.
Knorr Dry cook in sauce
I tried it, it’s amazing, Durban mild curry, loooove it. Made my cooking to be so easier!!!!!
bolognese mix
Bolognese mix is brilliant . It’s a must have on hand in my pantry. My 16 son loves it
More flavor
The cook in bags bring more flavour to your dish a pantry must have
Spaghetti ala Monique
I am so fond of this product. I use it on a weekly base. My favorite is the spaghetti bolognais, but I also tried some of the other and all of them has an awesome taste. Definitely recommended.
No meal complete without knorr
No meal is complete without this. I always use the savory mince to spice up my dishes. The flavor is distinctive. I would like it to come in a jar. I would recommend this to my other starter cooks.
makes my life so much easier and its so tasty my kids loves the bolognaise
Very tasty
You won't go wrong with this! Makes everything better don't meet a lot of spice at all everything from pasta and stews I love this product
Saucy Meatballs and other delicious things.
I love the simplicity of the Knorr dry cook in sauces. Very few ingredients to buy and simply instructions to follow. Most are quick for when I am in a rush. Would definately recommend if you are looking for a tasty alternative to your usual recipes.
Knorr cook in sauces
i have tried all the cook in knorr sauces, with many different dishes! my family and i really enjoy this product.
Makes the best meals.
I tried these a month ago and was in love. Tried the peri-peri cook-in-sauce and it was amazing. I'd definitely buy it next time because it brought so much flavour into my curry.
Fav in my home
I absolutely love the chicken Ala king and bolognese sauces. I enjoy making quick and tasty meals and these 2 have really saved my life
This is a best secret recipe for my good cooking ...i love this product it has many flavours to try on, i can cook break fast supper, dinned using one flavour
Knorr cook in sauce
Absolutely love the bolognese cookin sauce, its a fav in our house. Definitely my go to when i need to make something yummy and fast

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