4,8 5 0 67 67 Chef Mayonnaise from Clover is good with any dish, and its perfect for egg mayo.
Clover Classic Tangy Mayonnaise Mild Tanginess
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i love this product especially in my coslow salad, its creamy
So yummy
So loving it i just put it in almost every meal that i eat just makes the food more yummy 🤗
Classic Tangy Mayonaise (Mild Tanginess)
I love, love, love this mayonaise. It has a mild tanginess, perfect for salads and sandwiches, it is my favourite in the range. Clover Classic Tangy Mayonaise is totally affordable.
Awesome product
I love that its so super creamy and tastes great on anything. Classic loved mayo
My son only eats mayo on his bread. And this mayonnaise made my life so much better. He like the tangyness
Clover Mayo is really tangy
I am one person who is brand loyal and have been using one brand for the longest time until I saw Clover Mayonnaise on special and decided to try it out. I have never looked back. The taste!!!!
Pleasantly surprised
This mayo is delish! I was doubtful about this product when I first saw it, but it was on special, and is now one of my favorites! Good value for money and definitely tastes amazing!
Tangy Mayonnaise
Im loving the taste of this Mayonnaise is so yummy. It goes well with my salads
Loved it
Always uses Nola mayonnaise and it wasnt available at the stop, was sceptical to try something new, but thumbs up to Clover, you've got something amazing here
Amazing product
Iv tried this for the first time over the festive season . It made my salad delicious I love the creaminess of it
The Best Option
I absolutely love the new Clover Mayo. It's so tasty and I also love the Strong flavour. Not only that but it's affordable!
the best mayo ever
i recently saw this product in the shops, and thought lets give it a try. and i am so glad that i did. it was absolutely delicious. i first tried the nr 3 level, and it was great, and recently purchased the nr 2 level, and it is just as great. this product range is amazing
Good value for money
I bought the clover classic due to the special price it OK foods. Wow, I was suprised about the taste. I just love it. The clover classic mayonnaise also have the medium and strong mayonnaise and I tested the medium and love the taste.I still need to test the strong.
Excellent value for money
My main reason for trying this was because it comes in plastic jar, so safe for the kids to use. And surprisingly the taste was no different to the well known brands we are used to. I have switched over completely as this is more affordable.
Not bad overall
I didn't find it tangy at all however, it is very smooth and it compliments certain dishes without being overbearing.

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