4,7 5 0 94 94 Chef Mayonnaise from Clover is good with any dish, and its perfect for egg mayo.
Clover Classic Tangy Mayonnaise Mild Tanginess
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Love this mayo, my kids love the tangy taste and use it on almost everything, i used it to make chicken and mayo pies and it was very tasty
Clover Classic Tangy Mayonaise
Its tasty and smooth. I use it for salad dressing as well as on our sandwiches. The kids love it.
Great product
At first i did not know what the numbers were for but soon enough found out. I havent tried 3 yet but so fat, 1 and 2 are absolutely great. 1 I use for your light stuff like eggs and a spread and 2 for salads. It give just the right amount of flavour each time. Great stuff!!
Light & Creamy
I enjoy it in my salads and sandwiches. it is nice light creamy :)
love it
its very creamy and my daughter enjoys this with just about anything,
perfect in cooking
makes any sauce thicker and creamy with a dash of tang
My kids just loves it. I use it in my pasta , potato salads and they love it on their sandwiches.
A waste of money
I bought this few weeks ago and it was terrible, i have to trash it. The taste spoil my salad. It was a total waste of money.
Clover classic mayo
Clover mayo for me is much tangier than your regular mayos on the shelves today its also great with potato salad and pretty much everything to be honest , both number one and two have great tastes , i highly recommend Clover Tangy Mayo to anyone looking to change things up for the better in their kitchen.
We are not teally mayonnaise eaters but use this for salads. Tastes creamy and we live this. Not buying other mayonnaise
Clover classic
Clover Classic I was surprised when I saw this product on the shelves and I just had to try it out and it was surprisingly good.I love it. My new favourite
I find the clover brand has a tangier taste to other brands and it's not so oily
Clover mayonnaise
I bought it last month it was my first time seeing clover Mayonnaise I was with my boyfriend I told him let's buy it and try it. I didn't took a Pic of but here is my salad.
Clover Mayonaise _ tangy
Only saw this on the shelf for the 1st time this month. Purchased it because I love tango mayonaise and definately know clover products never disappoint and it didn't this time either. Simply love it and will definately buy it again
I'm was not a fan of mayonnaise but ever since l tried this one ,it has been my favorite and now l can enjoy my salads .It is the best on the market so far..I'm loving it

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