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Sweet n Sticky Spur Marinade
I have the marinade for the first time ... it is one the best marinade i have used ... i have used it on chicken pieces , steak and chops ... my family enjoyed the taste and flavour ...
Very tasty, I'm a fan. This is very tasty, my first experience on this marinade was on drumsticks and wings - the flavor was to die for. Whenever I do my grocery shopping, I make sure I dont live out.
Yum in my Tum
Bought this recently, it is absolutely great on a burger, the ribs, the chicken, the chop. What a versatile taste.
Sweet and sticky
This marinade coats the meat really well, goes extremely well with ribs and wings.
Spur at Home
I like the spur Sweet n sticky.I use it as a marinade in most of my meats and love it more when making my chicken sticky wings it really enhances the flavour and tastes good. I highly recommend the spur Sweat n sticky marinade.
Great texture
Very taste love the texture it's like you eating at spur at home
Love the taste
Love this product! Such a nice taste, really recommend this marinade.
Best marinade ever!!!
This is a very delicious sweet and sticky marinade from spur. I use it on chicken, steaks and even used it the pan while frying burgers. Lovely!!! big thumbs up and would highly recommend!
Amazing versatility
I am absolutely crazy about this Marinade. The taste is satisfying, it is not like other marinades that burn easily. No improvements to this product. I would like to challenge everyone to give this a go. Even over your steak when yo having a braai. Yum
great taste
This is used properly taste just like spur. Its better pan fried then on the gril.
Awesome tasting sauce
Should you wish to try and have your own spur while at home, this is the best sauce to marinate your meat with
Spur Sticky Marinade
This has a awesome tast on a barbecue meat it leaves the meat soft and tasty
All-Purpose Marinade
Spur's Sweet & Sticky Marinade is great. I personally think it is an all purpose marinade. I use it on all my meat and there is always an empty plate when I use it. My husband loves the taste.
Weak sauce
Used this sauce on steak while I was braai'in and didn't taste like spur sauce at all. The smell was nice but no taste on the meat. Must the meat lay overnight in the sauce to get the taste or what?
Spur Sauce
the sauce is good for marinading, i usually mix it with other sauces, i think i was hoping it would the exact flavour you get on the ribs at the resturant, its almost similar but not quite, however its still flavourfull

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