4,5 5 0 107 107 Wellington's Sweet Jalapeno sauce with no added colourants, MSG or flavourings.
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Sweet Jalapeno Sauce
Did not expect to like the product when I bought it, but after trying it I cannot stop adding this sause to my dinner. Just the right balance of flavours and definitely a must buy for me
Sweet jalapeno
Veyy tasty sauce with the right amount of sweetness. Goes well as a dip and I also include it in my marinades
Sweet not Spicy
This sauce can be a go-to sauce for the family. It is sweet and not too spicy. Works well over chips or with braai meat.
Sweet yet still little hot
This is really a great product. I just lovev it. It has a great sweet taste over basically any food yet it still has that little bit of hot flavour. More of a mild flavour than hot.
new sauce
bought it by mistake meant to buy sweet chillie but I tried the product and simply love it, its not strong and you can put it on anything
I recently tried this sauce and I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how great it taste. Love it on my boerewors rolls and sometimes use it on my meat.
The best!!
I am a total jalapeno LOVER!! This product deserves a medal. Thanks to the awesome inventors! We go through this product in less than 3 days because it can be eaten with absolutely anything! I'll definitely recommend it to everyone I know because if you don't have this product you're not normal!!!
This has become our new favorite in our house hold.. its good on basically anything! Just love it :)
jalapeno sauces
I would suggest you put more jalapenos and i find it too sweet... mabybe with more jalapenos it will give a kick..
Jalapeno Sauce Test
slightly too sweet. more of a jalapeno chutney. could do with a spicier variant.
Pleasantly surprised
Tried this recently and was pleasantly surprised luved the flavor and have since added this to my sauce collection every month
Flippen awesome
Really delicious. Well done Wellingtons :) Keep the new flavor sensations coming - try a HOT chili next like Bird Eye or something it will be a HUGE hit!!!!
I like this product as I just recently tried it. I would suggest a little bit more jelopenos it to give it a kick but it is still good.
Burning is fun
Best taste in the world, second time buying it and would definitely buy it again . Product definitely recommended for anyone who loves a bit of a burn
Wellingtons's Sweet Jalapeno Sauce
Love that I too can enjoy a Jalapeno sauce without burning my mouth away. There is just the right amount of sweetness

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