4,5 5 0 117 117 Wellington's Sweet Jalapeno sauce with no added colourants, MSG or flavourings.
Wellington's Sweet Jalapeño Sauce
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Wellingtons sweet jalapeno sauce
This is very nice. Love the sweet and hot but I do like the sweet chilli sauce more. But overall they both is very good :)
Loving the new Sweet Jalepeno
I absolutely love this product. It adds just the right amount of spicyness to any meal.
Sweet & Spicy
I bought this last month for the first time and had to stock up again over the weekend! This sauce is delicious with eggs, on sarmies, with chicken or as a dip for savory pastries .
Nice flavouring
The Jelepeno in this still tastes like the actual thing and I'm a huge fan of jelepeno, and I hate it when a product says that flavour but tastes nothing like it.. And this one actually does and I also really like the see-through packacking
Best sauce ever!
This sauce is the best I've ever tasted! Goes great with anything hotdogs, burgers over pastas anythingreally. It's gotthat sweet flavor but a little bit of that nice jalapeno sauce. Everyone in our house loves it and everyone I have recommended it to has changed to this flavor
My family and I really enjoy this product. It is a great dip and has a good level of heat.
Tasty and yummy
It brings extra flavor to your meals,love the taste of it.
Wellingtons sweet Jalapeno sauce
In our house the hands grab for this if not the tomato sauce. It is equally popular and we just love it. The best buy I made was the day I bought this. We like it more than the normal sweet-chili sauce.
Love wellington products. I am crazy about the Jalappino sause. I eat it on everything I can.
Gives that little extra flavour to your meals that makes you want to use it everytime.
Sweet Jalapeno Sauce
Did not expect to like the product when I bought it, but after trying it I cannot stop adding this sause to my dinner. Just the right balance of flavours and definitely a must buy for me
Sweet jalapeno
Veyy tasty sauce with the right amount of sweetness. Goes well as a dip and I also include it in my marinades
Sweet not Spicy
This sauce can be a go-to sauce for the family. It is sweet and not too spicy. Works well over chips or with braai meat.
Sweet yet still little hot
This is really a great product. I just lovev it. It has a great sweet taste over basically any food yet it still has that little bit of hot flavour. More of a mild flavour than hot.
new sauce
bought it by mistake meant to buy sweet chillie but I tried the product and simply love it, its not strong and you can put it on anything

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