4,5 5 0 91 91 Wellington's Sweet Jalapeno sauce with no added colourants, MSG or flavourings.
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Wellingtons's Sweet Jalapeno Sauce
Love that I too can enjoy a Jalapeno sauce without burning my mouth away. There is just the right amount of sweetness
It tastes amazing with toasted cheese sandwich. My family can't stop bragging about it
A combination of hot and sweetness all in one.I like spicy hot food and the sweet jalapeno sauce adds the hot and sweet flavour to my food.I use it on my eggs and chips. I would Recommend it to anyone.
Awesome Product - Delish
I tasted this at my boyfriends mom's house, she made a dip with it - well, needless to say we stock it in our house now too. The flavour is to die for
Excellent product
Love this product! Such a nice taste, really recommend this sauce. Enjoy cooking with it as well
For someone who loves spice food and jalapenos this is just great. Real tasty and convenient. Goes well with burgers and chips and just a well all rounder when using it in dips.
Wellington's Sweet Jalapeño Sauce
My family loves it. It has a nice crunchy texture & it is not too spicy. It has a good balance between sweet & spicy.
Love the taste
I love this product. The combination of little burn but sweetness is just right. It has become a new family favorite that we share and recommend to everyone we have dinner with.
Yummy in my tummy
Thick and full of yummy . i love this on egg, sausage or chip dip.
My newest MUST HAVE item
This sauce is also perfect for those that does not like too hot sauces but still loves the jalapeno flavour. Since buying it for the first time about 3 months ago I have to always make sure that there is spares in the food cupboard. Best sauce that Wellingtons have ever made!!
Good stuff
Love it but its such a struggle to get it at our supermarkets. Please dont discontinue making it. We as family cant go without it
In my house - sweet chilli sauce used to be our go to sauce. now this sweet jalapeno sauce is king. it has just the right amount of sweetness and heat...can use it with everything. you will not be disappointed:-)
Sweet and hot
I love the combination on sweet and hot.. Ive used this to marinade my meat.. Absolutely yum yum
Just Love It!!
My family and I enjoyed this product. It didn't last very long as it was eaten with every meal.
My family normally loves the sweet chilli I bought this a month back now its a must have with most of our meals.

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