4,7 5 0 166 166 Inspired by the Eastern Zen style of cooking, we have focused all our heat energy into a sweet, mild sauce which happens to go perfectly with noodles, stir-fry & everything oriental.</p> When it comes to burgers & ribs our Monkey Gland sauce is the clever choice. It's bouncy, robust flavour is bound to make you go bananas but that's okay because we know how good it is.
Steers Sauce
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I love the steers sweet chilli sauces it's great in my salads and other meals
monkey gland/ sweet chilli
Perfect for burgers and roasting meat. rich in taste and flavor. The sweet chilli is also rich which most brand you find them really runny.
The only sauces in my house!
There is always at Burger Relish Sauce, Monkeygland and Mustard sauce in my pantry
Good balance between sweet and chilli
This is a great sauce to use with almost anything. You can cook with it or use as-is. It goes great with hot dogs and even chicken nuggets, especially if you mix it with a little bit of mayonnaise.
The monkey gland is the best thing
This is my go to sauce for my grilled drumsticks. Absolutely love it and I love how it keeps my chicken from drying up as most times grilled chicken tends to dry up by the second day. So this keeps it soft
Steers sauce
I love the steers mustard. I haven't tried any other sauces form Steers but absolutely love the mustard.
Love this product, it’s always used in my house we eat almost anything with this sauce.
Very Reliable
All sauces taste amazing. I always use Prego sauce for my homemade mango chillies as my secret ingredient ( now I just gave out my secret ingredient! hehehe)
Always buy the tomato and mustard, but tried other flavors as well. Great taste, great price.
love it this sauce when I make burgers the whole family loves this sauces
Steers Sweet Chilli Sauce
i love the sauce. it would be great if they had a spicier option that wasn't so sweet.
As with all Steers sauces, always a winner. Always buy their sauce range and will continue to do so.
I love saucy sauces
Steers sauces is a winner in my household. Always adds a little extra kick. I add this while preparing my food as a marinade or on the side to give some extra flavour. 2 in 1. I would definitely recommend this product.
Sauces are great
I love all of them as they give different taste in different dishes. I would use monkey gland for my red meats. Sweet chilli for stir fries and I also love their prego which I use in many dishes like chakalaka
Great taste
Goes great with with food without over powering the dish. I usually use it to marinade my meat.

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