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The best braai mate ever.
Its the best marinade for both chicken and beef. Awesome when making sticky wings, or a Sunday roast. Its on my monthly grocery list.
Spur Sweet & sticky marinade
You can always expect the best from any product carrying the Spur branding.
spur sweet 'n sticky marinade
delicious.make my chicken wings tasty and tender. it really gives that spur taste. i will always keep this marinade in my kitchen. i wish it came in bigger bottles. i would definately recomend it...highly recomended
People with a taste for life
I used this on chicken wings and it tastes great! A little too sweet but very tasty
It is nice but I expected a bit more sweeter taste....this one not for me :-(
Great taste
we use the marinade for spare ribs. I pre-cook the ribs in this sauce and we also use it for basting on the fire. Very tasty.
Spur Sweet 'n Sticky Marinade
The taste of the real thing in the convenience of your own home.
For the best ribs and wings
Love this marinade on pork ribs and chicken wings. Its thick and holds well on the meats. Full of flavour and marinades the meat well.
These sauce are the real deal, the meal tastes exactly like your Spur meal. These sauces are always part on my monthly shop.
best on chicken wings all sticky and yummy in the oven
Spur Sweet & Sticky Marinade
I used it to marinate my meat the night before a braai and the meat was tender and delicious will definitely recommend this product.
Spur Sweet 'n Sticky Marinade
Spur Sweet 'n Sticky Marinade is a amazing product, I use it to marinade my pork ribs, it tasted delicious .will recommend it to my friends
I Love this so much the taste is great but not as per what you can obtain from Spur themselves but still as nice. I will definitely recommend this as a marinade. Thanks Spur love your products.
Spur Sweet 'n Sticky Marinade
Very nice, thick lovely when you braai. I would recommend this to everyone.
Forget the rest - this marinade really is the best!!!
I purchased Spur sweet and sticky marinade in the beginning of May 2019. To be honest I have never tasted any sauce or marinade that comes even close to this one. I use it on all my made , for marinade and basting because it works equally as well for both. We love using it on our steaks for the braai and use it for all our beef , lamb and chicken dishes cooked in the pan or even in the oven. It tastes amazing on pork and since i discovered this sauce i will not be switching from it , it really tastes divine and the rich aroma and explosion of flavor it leaves is just out of this world. I really love this product and would suggest it to anyone who loves eating meat.

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