OUAI Hand Wash

4.8 5 0 29 29 Hand Wash leaves your hands feeling cleansed, refreshed, hydrated, and super soft. It is scented with Dean Street, a floral fragrance with notes of citrus, rose, magnolia, and linden blossom.
OUAI Hand Wash


OUAI hand wash
I love OUAI products and this hand wash did not disappoint. It left my hands hydrated and clean. It also had a citrus smell that was very nice but not overpowering. I would recommend this product to family and friends.
Do I love it for the money ?
I revived my sample from Sephora so big thanks to them ! I have a very good hair care routine so I wasn’t really looking to try any other products. Just few weeks later I was packing for a trip and I had to choose between hair care products and shoes. I chose shoes and end up taking a lot of samples of hair products. I wasn’t expecting anything exceptional as the packaging didn’t bring me any excitement. I opened it, the smell is amazing , consistency is very thick you don’t need to use a lot of product to lather your hair nicely. The effects were great but the price is really high. Now question is it worth it ? are there any other shampoos at a lower price to do the same hmmm...? Something to look into! I enjoyed it, gave me that luxurious experience vibe, I think it’s a must try. 4 starts from a Girl with blonde slightly damaged hair, little on the dry side ;-) ciao
One of a kind
The delightful smell of this soap is amazing, actually uplifts me! It also cleanses as it should, but very delicately, leaving your hands feeling very clean & soft. The packaging is slick & attractive too.
Cream of softness
I used this cream and I loved the way it made my skin on hands arms and legs feel after using. It left my skin soft, hydrated, and smelling fresh. Didn't leave my skin feeling like it had layer of sticky cream left. Definitely will continue to use
This soap leaves my hands feeling moisturized and soft. If you’re looking for a good soap that’s a little more high end and luxurious this Is for you!!
Moisturizing delicious scent
I absolutely love the gentle clean scent of this hand soap. It leaves my dry hands feeling moisturized AND clean! I recommend this to anyone looking for a high end soap that will impress yourself and others!
It is an amazing product.In winter my skin gets super dry and caked but this hand wash left my hands and skin super fantastic. A little pump of soap is all I need so it goes a long way. I do wait for sales to buy and stock these in bulk as once you use it once there is no going back!I loved the lightweight feel and the way it made my skin feel incredibly soft.Completely satisfied!
The best!
This is hands-down the best soup I have ever used!! Lather so nice and rinse it off quickly and doesn’t leave any residue behind!
Love the results
This is hands down the most luxurious hand wash I’ve ever used! It lathers quickly, rinses clean & the jojoba beads help exfoliate the hands. One full pump is actually too much - a little goes a long way. My cracked alligator dry hands feel soft and incredible after. I love this
It's an amazing product. I recommend 100% incredible. It's a great product overall and I'm sure you'll love it!!!!!!!!!
Great item!
Holy wow is this amazing! I loved the lightweight feel and the way it made my skin feel afterwards was incredibly soft! Has a very light scent and easy on the nose which is great for anyone with allergies!
Worth the price.
Completely satisfied. I love the way my skin feels after applying.
I love this hand and wash. I am constantly washing my hands, and before they would get so dry, with this hand wash it not only cleans my hands but keeps them soft and smooth.
Smells and feels great
This hand wash not only feels great on my skin but smells amazing too. It’s a natural, high quality product that is easy to apply and doesn’t leave behind any residue. I highly recommend this hand wash to anyone looking for a high quality hand wash.
So soft
I wash my hands a lot and they didn't become dried out with this hand wash and my hands felt like they became more soft. Its really great to have great hand wash but esp now .

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