Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Styling Wax

4.8 5 0 210 210 An easy-to-use styling wax that lifts, tames, and sculpts every hair with extreme hold. The Brow Freeze Styling Wax sets every brow hair in place without a stiff feel, residue, or flaking for the feathered-looking brow you’ve always wanted. The universal, easy-to-apply formula is mess-free and provides long-lasting, extreme hold, leaving you with full-bodied brows that last all day.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Styling Wax


The one and only
The Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow freeze is absolutely one of my favorite products is so amazing when it comes to eyebrows it holds them in place it lifts them and gives them that textured look so therefore I would definitely recommend this to other people and it is an awesome product that's reason why I rated it four out of five stars and I would definitely purchase this in the future.
The best of its kind
This is lightweight and stays on all day! Doesn’t feel to hard ether once dried. I dab a little of my eye shadow and fill in my brows and they are perfect.
Perfect Brow Styling
This styling wax keeps my brows in place all day, providing a sleek finish without feeling heavy or sticky. Highly recommend!
Epic brows
This is a life saver for your brows. It glides on like butta and makes it so easy to take my crazy brows and keep them down all day. It has zero flakes and lasts literally all day!
Stays in place
This leaves my brows in the shape I desire them to be without leaving a residue behind
I love this product
Amazing product it’s the best product and I recommend it to everyone to buy
This works amazing for the brows, keep this in place for a very long time , is good even if you are sweaty.
Really good brow gel
I really like this product. I have the brush that’s made for it and after I fill in my brows I use just a little bit of this and it keeps my brows in place all day. It doesn’t make them hard which is important to me. They still feel soft and look natural! It’s part of my daily brow routine!
Laminated Look
If you want sculpted brows, this is definitively the product for you. When I do not have the time to get my eyebrows laminated, this is one of the product I will use to give me the look I’m desiring.
A little goes a long way. It warms from your skin when placed so it glides over the brows easily. It doesn't dry down all the way and it doesn't dry fast BUT the more you work it into your brow hair the more hold you will feel (when running a spoolie/brush/brow comb through the hairs)and see. And if it's not drying down enough for you, use a little brow powder or if that's too much pigment (it is for me!) translucent powder is the best option. Worth the hype? Every bit of it.
Luxurious Brows
A luxurious sculpting wax that elevates your arches to new heights, creating a regal frame for your gaze. It's like a symphony of hold and flexibility! Anastasia Beverly Hills understands the art of brow styling, and Brow Freeze is like a maestro sculpting each hair into place, providing a firm hold without sacrificing the natural movement of your brows.
Wonderful brow wax
This particular brow wax is perfect for anyone who is having some brow issues. This brow wax makes the hair stay put all day long. You can apply the wax very easily and add some color for additional thick look. You do not need a lot of product to use each time, so this will last for quite some time
This brow wax is magic
If you’re looking at this product, it’s most likely because you’ve seen those gorgeous girls who have the laminated brows. This wax holds my brows to the shape I desire and they stay in place throughout the day into the evening. An added bonus is that the tiniest bit of this will last you months. This is one of the top brow gels I have tried!
Perfect brows
This such amazing product, want perfect brows , must have ! Sculpt them perfect . Must buy item again , love so much !
The best brow product I've ever used
I'm so glad I took her chance and grabbed this instead of my usual brow setting product it is now my holy Grail eyebrow product. Wow, does this do what it says it's going to do. At all when you use Anastasia Beverly Hillsboro freezing styling wax. Please so perfectly and so beautiful that really brings your looks up to the next level. This breakfast is really amazing, and it goes on so easily with the brush that it comes with. I find my brows have a perfect steak and it really helps with filling them in as well even though it's not colored. It's the best brow setting product I have ever used and if you try it you'll love it too. I recommend this to pros as well as newbies to the makeup scene and one thing I will say, is that you can't mess this up. You put it on and your brows look perfect.

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