Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Styling Wax

4.8 5 0 184 184 An easy-to-use styling wax that lifts, tames, and sculpts every hair with extreme hold. The Brow Freeze Styling Wax sets every brow hair in place without a stiff feel, residue, or flaking for the feathered-looking brow you’ve always wanted. The universal, easy-to-apply formula is mess-free and provides long-lasting, extreme hold, leaving you with full-bodied brows that last all day.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Styling Wax


What a phenomenal primer for brows!!!
This is such a fantastic primer for browsI love how it's got a very natural feeling after applying it, and not that heavy feeling others can give. This is wonderful, made my makeup look fantastic and I definitely recommend this product.
easy laminated brow look
This is an easy to use brow wax that gives you the "laminated brow" look without flaking or smudging. A little goes a long way for me, so the container lasts a while for me overall.
Amazing product if used properly
I’ve gone through an entire brow freeze and am now onto my second, so I feel particularly qualified to be writing this review haha! First things first: if you don’t practice proper hygiene with this product, you run the risk of it going moldy. I feel like that should be self explanatory with a product that comes in a pot, but apparently it’s not based on other reviews lol. I don’t do anything crazy, I just take the clean end of a capped brow pencil to scoop a bit of product out, scrape it on the back of my hand, then that’s what I dip my spoolie into. If you dip a dirty applicator into this component it WILL become a petri dish. Also make sure you’re closing the lid TIGHT after every use. Second: less is more. This is a very thick product, if you go in heavy handed it’s going to get crusty and flake on you. You’re still going to get a very long wear out of this with a small amount, it lasts me alllll day long and my brow hairs don’t budge.
Eye brows gel
This Anastasia Beverly Hills product for your eyebrows it’s amazing!! Work so well and leave you your brows on point!! Very natural look and really easy to apply! Love it!!!
Brow tastic
I cannot go without this. A little will go a long way. You're brows will be sleek and stay put all day long. It keeps the brows in place but they don't feel hard. It can flake if you use too much though. So start small.
Amazing product!
I love this product for my brows! It makes them look so sleek after I fill them in, and keeps them in place. I love that it gives the brow lamination look, without having to go get my brows laminated. A little goes a long way! I highly recommend this product!
Beautiful brows
This product is amazing! This makes my brows look sleek, full, and give them gorgeous shape. Even on my most stubborn brow days, this wax gave make my brows go from Ek to Sleek instantly. It’s easy to use, and remove.
A makeup must-have!
I love love love this product! I bought this on sale from sephora for $11. I have naturally dense eyebrows but they do not stay put. It is not exaggeration when I tell you that when I tamed my brows with this, they stayed put until the next morning (they lasted an entire sleep cycle in the night)! It is very quick and easy to use!
The best ..
ABH by far has the best brow products especially this you can not go wrong when you use this. It makes your brows stay put all day and still look fabulous. It works wonderful with other products, I have tried dupes for this item but I always come back to the OG.
no one does brows like ABH
ABH just knows how to make beautiful brows and all her brow products are superior. This brow freeze will hold your brow hairs in place or laminate them to your skin (however you like them) andd keep them there all day long. I alwasy really like that this doesnt leave flakes or white residue. i definitely recommend.
Freezing? Get it? But this is such a great brow gell that keeps your brows in place all day. I do recommend making sure that the spooly or tool you use to scoop the product, is 100% clean. I heard that some people have seen bacteria growth on their gel but I use a clean spooly each time and have not had that problem.
Easy to use
A bit of this product goes a long way, so I use this sparingly and my brows are always neat and stay on all day. My usual issue with brow gels is that they turn white when it dries and it looks flakey, but this formula doesn’t do that. I put it on first and let it dry and then put the Anastasia Dip Brow on top with a fine brush to make hair-like strokes, and my brows look fuller and thicker. It does take patience, but the best advice I can give you is to use as little product as you can when you first start using it.
I love this for a natural look. I HOLDS my brows in place all day. I can wipe my brows and not worry about them going anywhere. Removal is easy too, just do your normal makeup removal routine.
Love this brow gel
It was my first time trying brow gel yesterday and I fell in love with it. My brows automatically look much more darker and very shaped. I love that I can wear this alone or with brow makeup too. This is a great product if you want the clean girl brow look or the feathered brows look. I got it on sale for $11 but the full size is $22 without the sale. You can purchase this product at Ulta, Sephora, or on the Anastasia Berber Lu hills site. The life span of this product is six months so I would suggest you use it everyday if you want to get a good use of product. After six months of using it’s recommended for you to toss it in the trash because ot can mold.
High quality product
I must say that I bought this product without truly knowing what exactly it was because I happened upon an unbelievable deal somehow. I had never used a brow wax product before so I was a little nervous but this product eased all my anxiety and was super easy to use and pretty self explanatory and showed me an entirely new way to manage and style my eyebrows that is so much easier and way more flattering and effective and stays in place so much longer then my old brow pencil. Love it.

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