Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Styling Wax

4.8 5 0 157 157 An easy-to-use styling wax that lifts, tames, and sculpts every hair with extreme hold. The Brow Freeze Styling Wax sets every brow hair in place without a stiff feel, residue, or flaking for the feathered-looking brow you’ve always wanted. The universal, easy-to-apply formula is mess-free and provides long-lasting, extreme hold, leaving you with full-bodied brows that last all day.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Styling Wax


Keeps brows in place all day
Love this styling wax. There is no pigment so first I do a little bit of shading with the Anastasia pencil. Then I go in with this and my brows stay all day long. You also only need to use this smallest amount so this will last a long time.
Amazing !
Truly amazing ! It’s like super glue for eyebrows ! Seriously my eyebrows don’t move after using this ! I highly recommend, it’s sweat proof and water proof ! Definitely recommend !
The best hold!
ABH is my go-to for styling and holding my brows. I have tried a few others, but there's really nothing that works quite as good as this. It holds my brows in place all day long no matter if it's hot or cold yet washes right off at the end of the day.
Eyebrows wont move
This brow freeze will freez eyebrows in place and they will not move. It is amazing if you have thick course eyebrows. The only problem is if you put too much there will be white flakes everywhere. I still use this every day but I use just a little bit and it’s amazing. I will buy it again.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Browgel
I have the mini size of brow gel and it lasted for about 3 months for me. I loved the shade, and the way it set my eyebrows with each makeup look. The brow gel was enough to tint my brows and I did not need to apply a brow pencil prior to the brow gel. Overall, I loved the finished look of my brows with this gel and I would highly recommend!
Brow product
This is a great product to help game your eyebrows. I use this for a more natural eyebrow look.
Stay for Hours
This brow wax keeps your desired brow shape for hours. It is easy to use and easy to clean off. Also, the clear color of the brow wax makes it great for anybody. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a bow wax.
I was forgetting about Anastasia make up, until she came with this pomade. I really really love! Although the packing or presentation is a little difficult to work with I do love this product!
Great for styling!
ABH has such a great line of brow products. I liked this because it kept my brows in place for HOURS smudge free. Sometimes, however, it’s not the best for my oily skin. When I sweat or it’s super humid out, I’ve noticed it not staying as long.
Long lasting
Great product. Leaves my eyebrows styled for a long time, but it’s also easy to take off once you need to. I like that it’s clear, which is a plus and can be use for any hair color. I definitely recommend it
The best I’ve tried so far..
I’ve been searching for the perfect brow product forever and this is the closest thing I’ve found so far. It lays my brows down and gives me that laminated brow look which is exactly what I’m looking for *but* it does not last on oily skin for a full day without touch ups, and definitely not durning summer months. I wish there was a way to waterproof it, because then it would be perfect! As it stands it’s good but not excellent.
Best eyebrow gel!
This gel is AMAZING! It works. So well and is very affordable. One thing to keep in mind, if you leave the cap off it will get stale and you will not be able to use. All and all I will be buying again.
Perfect Brows
I have natural, fuller brows and I don't have to do much to them but use this product! ABH has such high quality products, I really trust them especially for brow products. I just swipe this stuff through my brows and it tames the hairs and puts them in place - they stay pretty all day! You don't need another brow product, trust me.
Works really good!
I received a free sample of this to try and I like it! It helps keep your brows in place all day
A plus!!
This is the holy grail for simple eyebrows!!

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