e.l.f. Jumbo Poreless Putty Primer

4.4 5 0 278 278 Ideal for all skin types, this unique primer is infused with Squalane to protect skin from moisture loss while you smooth over imperfections and create a flawless finish around your nose, cheeks, and other porous areas of the face. The velvety texture seamlessly glides over your skin to prep, prime, and grip your makeup for a long-lasting look.
e.l.f. Jumbo Poreless Putty Primer


favorite primer!!
This is one of my favorite primers. It’s a great price and it helps my make apply with a super smooth finish. This really minimizes all my pores and it doesn’t bother my skin.
It made my make slide
I thought I was going to love this primer but it made my foundation slide all over my face. Maybe I used too much? Maybe a less greasy formula would work better. I wouldn’t recommend this product.
I didn't think it would work, it covers stubborn blackheads and it doesn't make it flaky or cakey!!
amazinggg blurs pores!
this primer is one of the best primers i’ve tried you just need to work it into your pores too make your makeup have a smooth finish i didn’t get the jumbo tho i got the smaller one
Priming away
I love using Elf’s brand makeup because it has natural ingredients. This primer is awesome because it moisturizes my face before I apply on foundation. I would definitely buy this product again.
He usado esta base por mucho tiempo porque me gusta como cubre la piel, dejándola suave, mate y dura casi todo el día
Excellent primer
This is a really great primer at a reasonable price point. It’s very easy to use and really makes it easy to get a smooth finish for your make up.
Best of both worlds!
Truly best of both worlds. Great product for an affordable price.
Perfect primer
This elf product is a newcomer in my life and I am in love. It covers all your imperfections, doesn't get oily after being on a while and the price is super affordable. I have very sensitive skin and this has not caused me to have any issues or breakouts which is amazing in itself. It comes in a lot of different colors so there should be one to meet anyone's skin tone and I think everyone should try it as I'm sure they will be pleased
Smooths skin
Smooths skin and hides pores and fine lines. Loved it under my makeup.
This product has so many positive things going for it. First let me mention the ease of use and no worries about spilling or breaking. Smooth it over your entire face for a “clean slate” if you will. You can literally fill your face with any makeup look you fancy that day. I did think it is probably best for normal to dry skin types, I, unfortunately am a super shiny oily skin type so I do need a lot of pad downs the latter hours of wearing makeup. However, I do think the product is very good and does what it claims.
Strongly recommend
I absolutely love this primer I am actually hitting pan and need to purchase more
Pretty good
I really don’t know how to do makeup besides the basics but this stuff works so well you don’t need to know how. I recommend moisturizing first before using if you have larger pores. I’ve bought this 2 times now in 3 or 4 years, it lasts awhile for me! By looking at it you’d think it was harder but the texture is so soft it almost melts in your hand m.
Large pores
I have large pores and this doesn't help at all. Its moisturizing. But the only place it works on my face is where I have small pores. It would be great if I had young skin that was already mostly smooth.
Love elf
I am very big into makeup and I have to say I own some very expensive brands but elf never seises to amaze, not only are their products amazing quality but the price is unbeatable. If your just starting out or if you’ve been into the makeup game for a while I highly recommend trying them out this primer especially is wonderful is does what it claims and not many products at these prices can say the same

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