e.l.f. Jumbo Poreless Putty Primer

4.4 5 0 489 489 Ideal for all skin types, this unique primer is infused with Squalane to protect skin from moisture loss while you smooth over imperfections and create a flawless finish around your nose, cheeks, and other porous areas of the face. The velvety texture seamlessly glides over your skin to prep, prime, and grip your makeup for a long-lasting look.
e.l.f. Jumbo Poreless Putty Primer


My favorite primer!
This is amazing and so pore filling. It does not flake under your makeup and it does an amazing job of filling pores to create a smooth canvas. I have gone through 2 of these and they are a staple in my makeup routine.
Great product
Love this product. Use it for many years and very happy
Decent for the price
I like this product overall because I do feel like it makes my pores way smaller but I don't like that after a while my Tzone looks insanely oily.
Minimizes Pores Greatly
The pore putty from ELF Cosmetics works great over my skincare. It helps to develop a base for your makeup and minimizes the pores underneath my eyes. I really like the way it helps my makeup look its best. It is thicker than a foundation and really a little bit goes a long way to minimize pores and other bumps/scars/issues. I really like it and have already repurchased several times. Highly recommend
One of the best primers
One of the best primers for the price. It's great for anyone with oily skin or combination skin, and allows makeup application that doesn't budge throughout the day. It's my go-to!
Good primer
I really like this primer I have bought it twice now. Blurs pores and makeup goes on smooth. I can definitely see the difference when I don’t use it. It also reminds me on the pore filling primer from benefit but for less money.
Effective primer
Overall I liked elf's poreless putty primer. Some initial impressions: Pro's: *Effectively fills in and blurs pores and uneven texture * goes on smoothly (with a small to moderate amount of effort) * skin felt and appeared noticeably smoother * Adhered well with the foundation nearby holding it in place for the day * Very affordable Cons *Heavy and slightly greasy texture *Very strong scent *Text slightly more work to apply than other primers Going closing, although it took a bit more effort to apply and spread this product it was worth it. Elf's poreless putty primer instantly melted my textured skin into a satin matte smooth surface. Although it didn't have endless longevity, my makeup held well for the remainder of the day. I highly recommend this product for anybody with textured skin or large pores.
It does what it says
This does what it says, but can be tricky with oily skin. I have to use a lot more primer before applying this so it won’t peel or sluff off my face
Easy to use
I am far from an avid make up user. On the rare occasion I do wear make up this is my go to primer. I covers my pores, helps my make up last longer, and it is affordable. I suffer from large pores and this works wonders in keeping them hidden all day long.
Really helped with keeping my makeup on for the day, but wouldn’t recommend for people with dry skin!
Love this product!
I love elf Jumbo Poreless Putty Primer. This primer leaves my makeup looking flawless, which can be somewhat of a chore at times when makeup settles in the fine lines and wrinkles on my face, but when using this face primer, I no longer have to worry about that because it leaves my face with an even, smooth surface for my makeup application. I will absolutely purchase again and reccommend to anyone looking for asimilar product. Did I mention how affordable and long lasting it is?!
tatcha dupe!
I've always been a fan of this primer since it does a great job at minimizing my pores and keeping my makeup fresh. It's a great dupe for the tatcha primer and much cheaper!
Putty Primer review
Great coverage and goes on super soft and smooth. Nice cheap alternative to other primers
Elf makeup
Covers really good and goes on smooth! Also good for sensitive skin.
Poreless putty
I used this product once simply because of all it's good reviews. I have more oily skin so this product was not a good fit for me. When applying the product it does go on very smooth, while leaving a very oily like gloss to your skin. After applying my makeup as usual I didn't notice a difference except the oiliness. After wearing this product it broke my face out horribly so this product is not for everyone, especially those with oily faces.

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