e.l.f. Jumbo Poreless Putty Primer

4.4 5 0 591 591 Ideal for all skin types, this unique primer is infused with Squalane to protect skin from moisture loss while you smooth over imperfections and create a flawless finish around your nose, cheeks, and other porous areas of the face. The velvety texture seamlessly glides over your skin to prep, prime, and grip your makeup for a long-lasting look.
e.l.f. Jumbo Poreless Putty Primer


Super helpful!!
This is a great product for so many reasons! My skin is usually pretty oily so this kind of primer is magic and helps smooth out everything. When I use this I can tell that my make-up stays on a long time.
My makeup didn't move at all!
I'm usually not the biggest primer fan because it's hard for me to find one that doesn't separate my makeup. However, that was not the case for this putty primer, my makeup did not separate and it stayed on all day!
Wish it was a better dupe...
This is supposed to be very similar to the Tatcha primer. The e.l.f. version is not as smooth and it doesn't sink into the skin quite like the Tatcha one does. Even at this price point, for special occasions, I would rather use a tiny bit of the Tatcha than an over-abundance of this one.
My go-to primer!
I typically wear silicone-based serum and cream foundations (depending on the event and time of year). This primer is ideal for these types of foundations! I am 46 with some dynamic forehead wrinkles and “11s” in between my eyebrows. This really does help blur those! I have found the key is to try to apply it in an even layer and don’t work it into the skin TOO much. I have also found this does not work well with water-based foundations, so you might want to check what yours is before investing in this. Overall though, I would highly recommend this is you are looking to blur pores and smooth overall texture under silicone-based foundation!
It's ok
It left my skin feeling sticky. My foundation caked and didn't apply well. Will not purchase again.
This was an okay primer on my face. I have oily skin and my pores are on the larger side. I’d say it did its job in other areas but not so much my t zone.
It's good!
It definitely gets the job done. It's lightweight and it goes a long way. The only thing I don't like is the price. Cause the elf primer in the tube with has more product and less than the price and more product!
I use this any time I do my makeup!
I love this product for under my makeup. It helps spread the foundation better allowing me to use this product in the process. It also helps smooth out the texture of my face!
Great eyeshadow primer!
The hype is true about this product. It works great as an eyeshadow primer and prevents creases. I have pretty oily hooded eyelids, and this has just turned into a staple product for me.
In love
I use this daily because I needed a new primer and it conceals my pores and makes my cheeks-nose-under eyes look smooth. Overall I love it, would recommend!!
So and so
Overall the product is okay and I have given it multiple chances but it has broken me out Everytime. I guess it clogs my pores because of how heavy it is! It does work good as a primer but just not for me
Great product
For the price this product works excellent. I like using it after I apply a bb cream or tinted sunscreen.
My overall opinion about this product is that I love the texture of the product, It's just that when you rub it into your hands it all white and when you put the product on your face it looks to white I even tried to put some kind of other E.L.F primer serum to smooth it out nothing it still was like this light color and hard to come off your hands.
This primer is amazing it leaves your face so soft and it cover up the pore so good I can’t talk about it enough it really affordable and such a dupe to the tarte I totally recommend 11/10
It best for smooth makeup
This product is really good it freaking so amazing it smooths my makeup out I like how the product pink. Pink my favorite color and it feels smooth. But I feel like they should Change like where they make it so it won’t turn white on my face it gives you a nice smooth make finished and when you take the makeup off the product helps so much it like I don’t get pimples when I take my makeup off this is silicone don’t use silicone with water based things or it will separate you don’t mix it. It like mixing oil and water

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