ZitSticka S.O.S Zit Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch Kit - 20ct

4.1 5 0 79 79 "SOS Zit Kit. Emergency Patches because zit happens. Flatten and clear unwanted pimples overnight. GOO GETTER™ a moisture-drawing patch made from hydrocolloid to absorb fluid and impurities from your superficial, surface pimple, visibly flattening its appearance overnight- no popping necessary. Infused with exfoliating ingredients such as Salicylic acid (BHA), Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and Tea Tree for an added superboost to treat those unwanted whiteheads. Also: Each hydrocolloid patch acts as an artificial scab, helping to rescue the affected area, ASAP"
ZitSticka S.O.S Zit Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch Kit - 20ct


My magic eraser
I love this product. There is nothing worse than waking up to a blemish! I’ve tried so many products claiming to clear them up faster than anything else and they all fail. These are amazing! I put one on and either a few hours later or overnight the blemish is nearly if not completely gone! Like I said my magic erasers.
Pretty good
These are pretty good as far as pimple patches go. They melt into the skin pretty well so you're not able to see them unless you get pretty close. They seem to absorb quite a bit overnight making them pretty effective.
Best ever!
If you have a special event and you have that last minute blemish these patches will reduce swelling, redness, etc! In less than 24 hours it was almost completely gone and you don’t don’t have to ruin your skin by popping pimples anymore sucks all the junk out of your skin!
Operator error
I was Very skeptical when I first saw this. But I had to try it anyway. I had three teenage kids in the house, And i'm a grown forty year old woman that still has acne. So alright so I waited. I had these for a while before. I was able to try And all My kids always say, you know, like teenagers do, Yes, sure, mom, they're cool. So I did like it said and I put a little patch on my massive red zit and went toke up the next morning. I looked in the mirror and it was true. It was reduced in size it was no longer red. It was great I didn't have to worry about a Zit on my nose because it was gone, However, about halfway through the day I went to scratch my nose and I had forgotten to take the patch off. LOL. Call it operator error 4 out of 5 stars.
Zit patch
Works great. I use them regularly. Great for overnight
Best best best
I've always struggled with acne and in all my years haven't found anything as good as these.
Works if you’re consistent!
I think it depends on the timeframe of your pimple - lol! If you’ve already messed with it, then you may need a couple nights of using the patch. But if you feels a pimple is coming and immediately put a patch on — it works wonderfully!!!
Pimple Patch to the rescue!
These patches have saved me more than once! Super effective and convenient. Always have them in my drawer for emergencies.
Good price
Very good price for the amount that is given. These are nice to have on hand.
Love these!
I bought these patches because my dr. recommended trying pimple patches for my acne. These patches make my pimples disappear after a day or reduce the size drastically. I will buy these patches again for sure! Great purchase!
Must have!
I love these patches! They really do work. I use them when I see a pimple coming on, and by the next day, it seriously is gone. These will always be in supply now in my home!! A must have product for sure!
Where have these been my whole life?
These pimple patches are a lifesaver! I really wish these were around through my teenage years. But as an adult I still get bteakouts,and this is what I use. They keep me from picking, and when I use them, my pimple is gone in a couple of days! Sometimes when I feel one starting I'll pop one of these patches on and bing bang boom, zits are gone!!
The best for emergency pimples!
We've all been there. ..you have an important meeting or special date etc, and magically a zit appears just in time! These bad boys will eradicate tose pesky little zits for you though! Pop one on and for me, overnight, it was gone!
They gawn!
Seriously. Put one on your problem area/pimple. Walla, they're gone the next morning.
These are amazing
I love these. Where were they when I was growing up? I had horrible acne. As an adult it's not too bad. I get a couple pimples a month. As soon as I feel a pimple is forming ill put one of these patches on. They work like magic!!

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