ZitSticka S.O.S Zit Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch Kit - 20ct

4.2 5 0 105 105 "SOS Zit Kit. Emergency Patches because zit happens. Flatten and clear unwanted pimples overnight. GOO GETTER™ a moisture-drawing patch made from hydrocolloid to absorb fluid and impurities from your superficial, surface pimple, visibly flattening its appearance overnight- no popping necessary. Infused with exfoliating ingredients such as Salicylic acid (BHA), Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and Tea Tree for an added superboost to treat those unwanted whiteheads. Also: Each hydrocolloid patch acts as an artificial scab, helping to rescue the affected area, ASAP"
ZitSticka S.O.S Zit Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch Kit - 20ct


Acne hero!
This is seriously is a game changer while putting makeup on. If you add this to your prep routine, your makeup will GLIDE on so effortlessly. I really love not having that unsightly peach fuzz on my cheeks/
These really are effective in calming down pesky zits! The key is to get a patch on before the zit comes to a head. Works well and does what it claims to do! Definitely recommended!
Pimple Patch must have!
Definitely the best product for getting rid of stubborn pimples and fast at that. As soon as I notice a pimple I place one of these patches on it and within a few hours it's completely gone.
Best Pimple patches ever!!
These pimple patches are a STAPLE in my house. The extraction dots are HEAVENLY and works wonders over night. BUY THEM.
Zit attack
This product works exactly as it says it does. Within one day the zits were gone. Amazing product!
They really work!
These are my favorite pimple patches, because they contain active ingredients that really work. I've bought Zitstickas many times, and I will keep buying them!
It’s Okay
I first tried this product when Target was out of the hero pimple patches. First impressions were great! I loved the different sized stickers and application was easy. However, there was no real difference I saw in the pimple even after a full 24 hours. Yes the patch would pull oil, and yes it’s a good product if you in a pinch. But there are better products out there!
Works amazing
These patches work very well, I love using them! Whenever I have a pimple I leave it on over night and its gone the next day.
Nothing special
Nothing special here. I definitely prefer a different brand that is actually a good bit cheaper.
Blown away
Received my first "patch" as a "free gift" from Ulta couple of years ago. And, while I don't get a lot of zits these days, when I do, they tend to be whoppers. So, when I finally got around to trying this patch, I could not believe the difference it made overnight! No more dealing with a huge, painful zit for over a week. Even the worst one I had only two two days of treatment. Seriously, where were these things when I was going through puberty? Glad I have them now, and when I start feeling a zit coming on, I don't hesitate, immediately grab the tea tree soaked pad, followed by the patch. I now keep these in my house at all times, as you never know when Mother Nature, or the Zit Queen will strike.
Not for Dry Skin
I would say that these pimple patches are decent, but there are many other brands out there that are cheaper and more effective. My skin does clear up, but becomes really dry where the patch was.
They work
I have tried many brands and have been disappointed this is the only brand that seems to work for me when it comes to pimple patches
Instant Rescue
Opening this kit is like unleashing the pimple fighting warriors. Applying these hydrocolloid wonders is like giving your zit a cozy bedtime story. Watching the patch work its magic is like a skincare victory dance.
Pop those Zits
I’m a huge fan of these zit patches. I really appreciate that. You had two different sizes in the set and that you get your traditional circular, zit patches along with some longer/bigger zit patches.
Best zit patches out there!
I have tried all the big acne patch brands and I always come back to ZitSticka. For me this is the product that works the best for my skin and I see the quickest improvement with these. I like the S.O.S kit in particular because you get both types of patches.

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