Oh K! Vitamin C Sheet Mask with Active Powder

4.8 5 0 73 73 Our Vitamin C Biodegradable Mask uses a two step process to deliver the active at optimum freshness. Vitamin C is most stable when in powdered form and kept separate in a split sachet to keep it from oxidating.
Oh K! Vitamin C Sheet Mask with Active Powder


I love these sheet masks so much. They make my skin so soft and glowing afterwards! They smell amazing too!! They don’t leave gunk everywhere like other sheet masks do. Try them!!
Spa day at home!
I love sheet masks because they are quick, easy, affordable, and mess free! This one smells great and really perked up my skin. The hyaluronic acid is really moisturizing on the skin.
Love a good face mask
I love using face masks about 3 times a week to help me relax and recover from the stressful mom life. This face mask smells really good and it gives my face a glow and good hydration feeling. I feel so refreshed after using it and will continue to buy these!
My Pamper Day favourite!
I am a fan of sheet masks. This Vitamin C Sheet Mask is full of goodness. 1-2 times a week I take time out for self-care. That's when I use my collection of sheet masks. This mask is one of my favorites - it hydrates my skin and gives this beautiful glow to my face. The scent is so soothing too! Must Try!
Amazing Sheet Mask
This sheet mask is truly amazing. After using it I have a glow to my skin instantly. I like that it’s a Vitamin C mask too. Helps with my hyperpigmentation.
Love these
I love buying these sheet masks. They work so well and are so affordable. The only issue I have is they're so cold when you put them on! The mask fits your entire face and if it is a little big in some spots you can just make a small fold and make it the perfect fit. It isn't sticky, you just rub in the liquid from the mask when you're done using it.
Vitamin C mask
Best face mask ever!! Leaves your face feeling smoother and brither than ever! Wvens out your skintone and just makes your face feel so good! I highly recommend this face mask to anyone looking to brighten and smooth there face!!
Vitamin C sheet mask
If you want your face to feel soooo good then this is your little jewel right here. I love it. Makes my face so soft and feels so clean and fresh. My new go to. Highly recommend this product.
I was excited to give the Oh K!
I was excited to give the Oh K! Vitamin C Sheet Mask with Active Powder a try since it was my first time using their products. Overall, I found it to be nice and hydrating. However, I noticed that the longer I left it on, the more I experienced a tingling and burning sensation on my skin, especially in certain areas. Despite that, I was still pleased with the results.
Great smelling!
I was hopeful to try Oh K! Vitamin C Sheet Mask with Active Powder since this was my first from them. It was overall nice an hydrating but the longer I left it on the more slowly it began to tingle and burn on my skin in particular other than that was pleased
Fantastic on Dry Skin
I tend to have very dry cracked skin even in my face. This mask put the moisture back in my face with one use. I also liked the smell of it!
Sheet mask
It worked great. Cleaned and pulled all white heads and black heads out of my skin especially around and on my nose, a few ubove my eyebrows and right under my chin in the folded areas.
Not A fan
These things feel great of course very cold going into your face, but overall I don’t see any difference unless you have to use this everyday to be able to see a difference but they are not cheap To have to continue to buy them daily to make sure you can see what it’s actually doing for your skin. Unlike others it’s not dripping wet when you open the packet
Works wonders
The mask worked wonders on my combination skin but it's a little expensive.
Amazing face mask
This is rejuvenating and great for my skin. Left my skin bright and refreshed.

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